When I opened mi blog I firmly decided that I would never ever post about politics or anything related to it. However, by moral and for many reasons, today I must talk about what is going on in my country, Venezuela.


For fifteen years Venezuela has been ruled by an oppresive, tyrant, abusive goverment. In the last 10 months the situation has goten worse. Inflation is over the top, there is an unprecedent shortage of basic products. People can’t find milk, toothpaste, meat, chicken, toilet paper, and so on and on.

Insecurity levels have reached a record. There are more than 24.000 violents deaths registered just last year. And I mean “only registered”.

Last week students begun a pacific protest on february 12 (The Youth Day in Vzla) requesting the goverment solutions to these problems. The goverment took it bad, as always, and started shooting students. 3 inocent people died. Protests raised all over the country and continue to this day…

Many more have died. Goverment represion has increased. Leaders and students are in jail being tortured by their own military forces that swore to protect them.

Protests have raised by venezuelans all over the world to create awareness as the dictatorship took over all the media.

Yesterday I went to support my country.

This concentration took place in Barcelona, Spain at Plaza Catalunya. We ask people to see. Have awareness of what is happening in Venezuela. Support freedom, defend human rights. Don’t keep quiet.

If I were to explain with details everything that is going on, a whole blog lifetime would not be enough.

S.O.S Venezuela. We are far, but never absent.

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