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My name, for the purpose of any activity on the web, is Mafe Roig and I’m 29 years old. I’m from Venezuela, now living in beautiful Barcelona, Spain.

I love to cook desserts with French music in the background and I don’t think I could live right without music.

I’m a video game lover.

I love to watch movies, animes and series.

I listen to loud (very loud) music while I clean, otherwise, where would the fun be?

My heart belongs in the beach and I dream of having a job where I can take pictures and write all day because that’s what makes me happy and really love to do.


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    • Thanks to you too Anita! You have very nice stuff in your blog 🙂 It’s great that you came to Barcelona. It’s an amazing city and offers great opportunities to photograph (a lot!!)

      • I agree, there are a lot of spots there, and we did click away like crazy. 🙂 I especially fell in love with Sagrada Familia. (Guess what magnet I bought for my refrigerator! 😉 )

      • Hahaha…mmm let me think… a Sagrada Familia magnet!? 😀 If you ever decided to visit again, let me know! We could go and have a nice photography tour 🙂

  1. Hey Mafe! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I have to say, you have such a cute dog. I’ve always said that if I ever got a dog, it would be a border collie. Sadly I don’t think that I have the time for such an energetic dog. But maybe one day…

    • Hi, Petra! Thank you so much, Mango is definitely very cute! I dreamt about having a Border Collie for a very, very long time and hubby and I finally decided get him. He is very energetic but when he goes outside! Believe or nor, he is a complete couch potato when he’s at home. He loves to sleep and just sit around so we pet him!

  2. That wish is superb… You know, the last time my parents, my sisters and I were all together, was in 1988….
    A long time, yes?
    I have been to Seville, but never to Barcelona

  3. I love anime too: all the Ghibli studio stuff and I watch a lot of series. I prefer series rather than movies, because then I can binge watch (binge watching series is a perfect activity for the dark season). Lovely photo, you’re a very beautiful woman.

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