Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Ok. So this is me. The Symmetry challgenge of last week had me a little of balance. As I mentioned then, I almost NEVER do symmetric shots (unless the shot really calls for it). My subjects always stay of center and never symmetric.

rule of the thirds

I took this photo for WeedGirls magazine. (I have other sets there too :D)

The rule of thirds has become more than a rule for me. Putting my subjects off-center just comes natural. I feel that everytime time I’m about to hit the shutter; when I’m checking the borders of my frame and looking at my subject, my eyes mentally move the subject to the thirds and my body does it.

Even when I’m walking down the street, looking around, imagining photos, I put all off-center.

Could that be style thing? Would I still do it if “The Rule of Thirds” didn’t exist?

I don’t know. But it just works for me and made this Weekly Photo Challenge very easy for me.

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