When I opened mi blog I firmly decided that I would never ever post about politics or anything related to it. However, by moral and for many reasons, today I must talk about what is going on in my country, Venezuela.


For fifteen years Venezuela has been ruled by an oppresive, tyrant, abusive goverment. In the last 10 months the situation has goten worse. Inflation is over the top, there is an unprecedent shortage of basic products. People can’t find milk, toothpaste, meat, chicken, toilet paper, and so on and on.

Insecurity levels have reached a record. There are more than 24.000 violents deaths registered just last year. And I mean “only registered”.

Last week students begun a pacific protest on february 12 (The Youth Day in Vzla) requesting the goverment solutions to these problems. The goverment took it bad, as always, and started shooting students. 3 inocent people died. Protests raised all over the country and continue to this day…

Many more have died. Goverment represion has increased. Leaders and students are in jail being tortured by their own military forces that swore to protect them.

Protests have raised by venezuelans all over the world to create awareness as the dictatorship took over all the media.

Yesterday I went to support my country.

This concentration took place in Barcelona, Spain at Plaza Catalunya. We ask people to see. Have awareness of what is happening in Venezuela. Support freedom, defend human rights. Don’t keep quiet.

If I were to explain with details everything that is going on, a whole blog lifetime would not be enough.

S.O.S Venezuela. We are far, but never absent.

Photos of drawings

Apart of taking pictures, I also like very much to draw. Sadly I’ts been a while since I last draw something. I had to leave all of my materials back in Venezuela. But, thanks to my dear brother, I’m back on track!

As a christmas present he gave me a drawing kit! So, with some good tunes on the Ipod, on a sunday night, the pencils began to roll…



This is Neliel, a character from Bleach. I always take photos of my drawings. However I findt it challenging.I feel that the pencil strokes always look kind of weird, they don’t look very smooth as they do in person.

It’s a bit strange to take photos of a drawing… It makes me think, where is the subject? in the photo? in the drawing? in both? It’s like a mirror infront of another mirror, I feel the question never ends.


The Sun is Back

For the past few months the sun abandoned us. His absence opened the doors to unmerciful cold. No heat, no warm sun rays for so long.

However, cold afternoons and grey skies are over. The sun is back.

Sunny Plant

After having lunch a couple of days ago I saw a little bright spot on the couch brown fabric. I went to investigate and for my surprise it was a small spot of sunlight. I was so happy! So I just sat there, cuddling in the little spot while it grew into a big warm sun ray.

I closed my eyes I let the warmth embrace be. It was so beautiful how it passed through the new small plants on the table. The plants were happy and so was I. We have sunny afternoons again 🙂


Colors, colors, so many colors. When I started with photography I only did black and white photos. It was a rule from the place I was studiying: all of our pictures, no matter what they were about, had to be in B&W. To my detriment it made me scared of color photography. I was missing out on so much.


I took this picture a few months ago. It’s a lamp brought directly from Turkey. I was hypnotized by it and the way the forms and colors reflect on the wall, not many lamps do that.

I enjoy color photography now, it’s a new world :).


One of the good things about moving to the country your grandparents were born, is that you get to know were your family comes from. Last week I got to visit the town my granfather was born and raised, PremiĂ  de Mar. It’s right in front of the beach, located about half an hour away from Barcelona and it’s absolutely beautiful.


I went there with my parents and hubby. Mi dad actually lived there for some time and he took us to the street where he lived with his grandmother. He couldn’t remember exactly wich was their house but I was amazed as I’ve never seen a street like that before. all the houses are right next to one an another, with one huge door and a balcony on the the second floor.

The thing I liked the most were the doors. Every house has the same style, but every door is a complete new story. They are so big and beautiful I couldn’t resist to take a photo of each one.

As there was no one around I didn’t get the chance to ask about them, but I’m sure all the houses and their doors have great stories behind them. Blue, green, wood, white, fancy, old, modern, big and small this doors fascinated me. What could they have seen in all this years?

My favorite is the first one, the white one, with stone walls. Wich one do you like the best?

Happy New Year!

Happy new and amazing year to everyone! 😀 So, yes,  in my first year as a blogger I couldn’t pass by to write a new year post. So here it is. For me, 2013 was equal to change. With all my heart I can assure that 2013 has been the most eventful year so far. So many good and bad things happened, I feel it just couldn’t agree wether it wanted to be a good year or a bad one.

However, today I was walking trough the beautiful streets of Barcelona with hubby and my brother, in a way I can say is a very different one of wich I was used to spend January first, and we started a new tradition. I began to ask them questions about different subjects as a way to make a fun recap about our year. I would very much like to share mines with all of you! This is how we started:

Best movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. This was a unanimous decision.

Best videogame: Tomb Raider. I loved this game, I would play it a thousand times again.

Best animé: Inuyasha. I laughed, I cried, I was scared, I was happy. My favorite so far.

Food of the year: Sushi. Yes! Until this year I didn’t eat sushi, I do now, and i’m addicted to it.

Song of the year: AoD I Just Played Jax. I can say this song stuck to me all year and I don’t think is going to go away any time soon.

Dissaster of the year: My grandpa passing away.

Best trip: Going to the snowed mountains.

Event of the year: Getting married. What more can I say? 🙂

Purchase of the year: “Two tickets to Barcelona, Spain, please”.

Season of the year: Winter. It’s Christmas, my parents came to visit, we are all together, and I couldn’t ask for more.

And, as usual, my faithful and inseparable friend, my camera, was with me all along. So here are some of my favorite photos I took in 2013. Hope you like them!

It was very hard to choose from so many. Specially when there are so many memories attached to everyone of them. 2013 Is hard for me to define, maybe different is the word. Hope you have an amazing 2014 and keep on blogging!

Christmas Time

I love Christmas! Since I can remember, for me, it’s time of delicious food (lots of it), lights, music and family. I have my parents to thank for that, they always made sure Christmas was awesome and beautiful. And happily for me, my parents came to Barcelona for the Holidays. So, besides that, this is my first Christmas in my own apartment, with my hubby in a new country! There are so many new things!


Everything about Christmas time is different. The food is special, the color of the light changes and everything smells sweet. It’s a beautiful time to take lots of pictures. There are so many things that we can only see during this time, is a must to take our cameras with us at all times. I’ve taken lots of photos lately, but sometimes I’m so amazed by the things around me I just stay there with my eyes wide open fearing I might miss something. Here are some of my favorites so far!

The trees change color and the leaves keep falling, sticking to the ground. There are Christmas markets in almost every square and you can hear music dancing through the air. Lights decorations are the main event in the streets and building compete for attention. It’s time of presents, delicious food and  pictures :).