Keep creativity flowing!

I’m constantly looking for new projects. Whether my own, or friends projects I can get involved with, I’m always on the lookout! It’s a way to keep flowing creativity and enthusiasm for what I do.

Recently, a dear friend of mine asked me if I would like to do a photo shoot of a bralettes brand for her new project.

vestier de moda photo shoot mafe roig

She just launched an online store called Vestier de Moda where she sells different clothing items from brands made by other entrepreneurs. We got together and did an amazing photo shoot.

For this shoot I had in mind a very soft look and feel from the start. I wanted to get a soft, white light in a homey/comfy environment so the photos could have a closeness feeling. That someone looking at them could feel related to the scenery.

We had a great location for the photos, which meant great natural light and a great model. It really is a cool project and I’m sure more photo shoots are on the way! We had a lot of fun doing this shoot and you can visit my friend’s Instagram for her project!


I used Lightroom to develop these. Just played a bit with light temperature, exposure and contrast.



Day 6: The beach at night

There was once a daily prompt that suggested bloggers to write a post from a different place than they usually did…  Or something like that!  The point is that I though I always write from home. 

But today the day has come and I’m writing this from a jetty at the Barcelona coast. 

I can hear the waves crashing the rocks, it smells salty and the city skyline lights the night. 


I think that one of the best ways to practice photography is to just take your camera and go ramble the city you live in.

I did that last week and visited some places I’ve never been to before. I really like to take photos that make it look as if someone is peeking! I think they give the image a story. Like if someone was spying or something.

It’s an interesting point of view. And going out with your camera in hand, not looking for something specific but with open mind and eyes is a great way explore new things as a photographer.



Barcelona With Friends

Friends came to Barcelona. Sadly they didn’t stay for long, but is quality and not quantity that matters. During the days they were here, I saw things differently. In one hand, as I mentioned in another post, I got to Rediscover Barcelona and assure my love for this city.


But more importantly, I made amazing memories about our time living here. Last night we took them to the beach and I can assure you that it will be one of my top 5 moments in Barcelona. We just went to the coast, had a walk in the sand, soaked our feet in the sea and took some photos.

It wasn’t something extraordinary, but it was very special. I really miss my friends, and they being here made me happy and made me think about what is really important in life.

I know years from now I will look at these photos, and I will not think about money, I wont remember how much I had on my pocket or in my bank account. I wont remember what was troubling me, or what I had to do the next day.

I will remember the wind, the touch of the cold and soft sand beneath my feet. I will remember the warmth of the water and the lanter light that reflected on the surface while we were looking for small fishes.

I will remember how happy I was, how happy I felt and how I thought that these kind of moments are what life is all about. 


When I opened mi blog I firmly decided that I would never ever post about politics or anything related to it. However, by moral and for many reasons, today I must talk about what is going on in my country, Venezuela.


For fifteen years Venezuela has been ruled by an oppresive, tyrant, abusive goverment. In the last 10 months the situation has goten worse. Inflation is over the top, there is an unprecedent shortage of basic products. People can’t find milk, toothpaste, meat, chicken, toilet paper, and so on and on.

Insecurity levels have reached a record. There are more than 24.000 violents deaths registered just last year. And I mean “only registered”.

Last week students begun a pacific protest on february 12 (The Youth Day in Vzla) requesting the goverment solutions to these problems. The goverment took it bad, as always, and started shooting students. 3 inocent people died. Protests raised all over the country and continue to this day…

Many more have died. Goverment represion has increased. Leaders and students are in jail being tortured by their own military forces that swore to protect them.

Protests have raised by venezuelans all over the world to create awareness as the dictatorship took over all the media.

Yesterday I went to support my country.

This concentration took place in Barcelona, Spain at Plaza Catalunya. We ask people to see. Have awareness of what is happening in Venezuela. Support freedom, defend human rights. Don’t keep quiet.

If I were to explain with details everything that is going on, a whole blog lifetime would not be enough.

S.O.S Venezuela. We are far, but never absent.