Let’s speak through pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” It may not exist in the world a more recycled and cliché phrase than this one. So much so, that if we wish to know about the famous sentence and look it up on Google, it will not take long for it to interrupt us, auto completing our intentions before we get time to write “image”.

However, it’s commonness, is no reason for underestimating it. If this phrase has become so popular is for a reason: because it’s true. Its origin has foundations based on actual experience.

Without discrediting the exquisiteness of writing, it is imperative to recognize that the potential for expression and communication that an image could provide is extraordinary. It makes it possible to express, experiment and learn.

A perfect example? The photo essay. It is designed to tell a story through images arranged in a deliberate sequence intending to evoke emotions on the viewer.

With a photo essay is possible to know a person, visit a new city or participate in a protest across the world. Just take into account that, to achieve these experiences, it is necessary to devote and sincerely to our work.

Is not enough to be spectators. You will need commitment, dedication with time, patience and a clear objective. We must find the balance between being partakers and observers. We must be present and create a link to our subject without altering the natural order of events.

With these tips and thoughts in mind, I would like to share, as an example, the last photo essay I did. It’s called “My Grandmother”. I invite you to know her through photographs because “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Here are a couple of pictures. To see the full work you can visit my Flickr Gallery through this link. I hope you like it! http://www.flickr.com/photos/69865553@N05/sets/72157633484736063/