One Morning



There were a lot of dreams that night. There were oceans with waves as high as skycrapers; dolphins swimming in underground rivers lighten by the light of a millions fluorescent fireflies.

There were grandparents that are are long gone, gardens that live only in memories and feelings clouded by the veil of the night. The kind that dwell dreams and fade with sunlight and reality.

You wake up with the uncertainty of present mixed with the nostalgia of the past and the fear of future.

Like when someone feels he is falling from his bed and wakes up startled, thinking that somethin happened, just to realize that he was dreaming and everything remains the same.

You look around without knowing what to think and tell yourself that you must get up. And in that very moment its only up you to decide if it will be a good day or not.

Dragging your feet across the ground, very unconvinced of going out of bed and facing the worl, you get that cup of coffee that promises to clear up the fog in your mind and open your eyes for as long as the sun shines outside.

And without even thinking it, like summer sun in the middle of winter, a little, beautiful detail peeks, makes you smile and is no longer up to you.

Its going to be a good day.

The weight of a hot day


The apathy that comes with a hot day is unique. With the feeling that mind and body are moving in slow motion, to our detriment, getting over the simpler of tasks can turn into a complete agony …

On days like this, the heat seems to emanate from everything …humidity steals the oxygen, and even the wind is too tired to blow…

The monumental weight of a heat, that can only remind us of life in Macondo, falls on us and we surrender to a state in which, between despair and frustration, the mind refuses to think and the body refutes, heatedly, all orders to get in motion…

The result? We are at the mercy of temperature, floating in a sticky and wet limbo, with a blank mind wondering how are we ever going to get on our feet again…

The limbs are loosened mixed with the heaviness of the air… the eyelids surrender… the thoughts get tangled … and the 40 celsius degrees win the battle…

My First Post

Ok. So this is my first post in the blogger world. I have to admit that I have been wanting/thinking about starting a blog for a long time now but hadn’t done it  because I honestly could not decide on what to write about.

My first approach was to write about personal experiences, but after a while, I dispensed it. Why? Because I decided I don’t want to make a personal diary out of my blog.

I noticed that my intention with creating a blog was, not only to be able to express myself through writing, which I really, really miss from my college days. No,with my blog I also want to share knowledge and experiences that can be of use to others.

So, what to write about in a blog?

Well, as a result of the inquiry in my own mind and my motivations, I remembered a phrase I heard in a movie

“to write well, you must write about what you know”

Could not agree more. So that’s what I’ll do, I’ll write about what I know. I’m going to write about me, about my knowledges and my experiences merging them all in one purpose: sharing.

So with humble intentions I pretend my blog becomes the golden ratio between the personal and the professional, calling out to those who have growing interest for the world of marketing, love for photography and fondness for the culinary delights.

Hello, to all of you!