Orange, orange and more orange

Orange is this week’s color thanks to the Weekly Photo Challenge!

I read the theme of the challenge a couple of days ago and I begun to look around for orange things and I realised that there were none. Maybe is that we are still in winter time and everything in nature is pretty much full grey.

BUT, yesterday hubby and I went grocery shopping and I bought some tangerines (yum!). When we got home I started fixing a nice bowl of fruits, arranging my beautiful (orange) tangerines and by chance, I placed a kitchen cloth right next to them. And guess what? It had orange stripes!

That was when the photo for my challenge came to mind. I went to look for this awesome and cute napkin holder in the shape of a crazy, orange dog and spent the next 15 minutes taking these photos, which made me kind of late for work.

But the photos where in my head and I had to take them.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Worpress Weekly Photo Challenge Simmetry

I almost never take symmetric photos. My compositions always tend to go to the sides. However, certain scenarios, like the one in the photo above, call for a centric focus point and yell symmetry. And it works.

I took this photo at a train station in Barcelona. It was impossible to miss this symmetric shot.

This is my contribution for this Weekly Photo Challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

weekly photo challenge wordpress minimalist


A key. A wing. Infinite.

This is my entry for this Weekly Photo Challenge of Minimalist.

I love this necklace. It’s one of my favorites. Even though a lot of people owns the exactly same necklace, I think the symbols hanging from it could have a very special meaning for each person, so I’ve been wanting to photograph it for a long time :).

What could they mean to you?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’



Summer is music from the 80’s painted by a soft yellow light. Summer is going to the beach, to run with the waves and to build sand castles under the hot sun of the coast.

Summer is going to the pool to relax after jumping up and down all day in the sea, and going back to the house for a nice meal.

Summer is sitting on the dock watching the boats pass and the wind play with palm trees, as the sun sets and welcomes a fresh, starry night accompanied with long talks and laguhter echoed by the sound of water crashing the boats.

Summer is playing Nintendo until 3 am. and going to sleepd so happy and peaceful, that you will remember these feelings forever, no matter where you are.

That is Summer Lovin’ to me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

For this Weekly Photo Challenge I’m sharing with you a photo I took last year around autumn time.



Yes, I know. I’m obssesed with seasons. But back in Venezuela we only have two: hot and hotter. So I just love grasping every little detail, every change of color of the leaves, every change on how the wind blows and how suddenly everywhere smells like flowers.

But I particulary like the changes on the light. As in this picture everything looks a little bit more yellow than usual…very autumy 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective



It’s yellow, the sun is shining on it. It looks like a small flower, but no. Its too close.

For this Week Photo Challenge I show you my perspective of…

…a lychen! No, lychens, lots of lychens. Taking a stroll in a small town near Barcelona called Castellterçol I encountred a forest of almost dead trees completely covered by this beautifull yellow lychen. It offered an amazing view.

I have to say, I love the theme of this week’s photo challenge as I think perspective can change a lot. Seeing things with a different eye is an incredible excercise.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Abandoned Car HDR


I don’t think it gets more abandoned than this.

I took this picture last year walking to the top of mount Tibidabo in Barcelona. I can see the Tibidabo every day from work… and everyday I remember how beautiful, fun and awesome that day was.

For this Weekly Photo Challenge I have my Tibidabo abandoned car in a HDR photography.