edge weekly photo challenge

I took this photo a while ago in Sitges, a very small town about half an hour away from Barcelona. We were walking around, which besides eating, it’s pretty much everything we do when we go there, and I saw this man standing on the Edge of the rocks fishing on a very cold and windy day.

I love it there. I find it nice and peaceful. Which is very weird considering it’s a major turistic spot. But every time I’ve been there has been amazing. I think that’s because I always go in very good company.

We have plans to visit it again soon.

Do you have a place that brings you peace when you go there and when you think about it?


Late Frost

A few days ago it was annouced that a frost would hit the city on Wednesday. The day past and we were sitting in the balcony, sweating with our sweaters on and wondering what happened with the cold as the sun shined to our faces.

Well, it turned out the news were half correct. The frost came today. We woke up at eight degrees Celsius (yeah I know, is not really a frost, but to us in Barcelona is tragic).

But the sun is softly shinning at we can still feel its warmth.

mafe roig photography

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…!

When I was a kid I had my first encounter with snow in a small town in USA. I was about six or seven years old and, although I never saw snow since then, I could still remember the sound it made while walking on it. Its a very particular sound and it got stuck in my memory. This past weekend, I got to hear that sound again and it was just as I remembered.



I went on a roadtrip to visit the snow outside of Barcelona and it was amazing. The first stop was the beautiful town of Camprodon. The first thing you see when you star walking is the Ter river and the grand bridge over it. Is a stunning view completed by the many stores housed in old stone constructions, christmas music floating through the crowded streets and the smell of honey and smoke coming out of the fireplaces.

After walking up and down through Camprodon, we continued our way to the snow, wich was pretty much the purpose of this trip! And after driving for a little while we got there. I have to admit that I felt like a kid playing in the snow. We had so much fun and I got to photograph it for the very first time. Here are some of the pictures I took.

Personally I think is kind of difficult to take pictures in snowy landscapes. It was so bright I could barely open my eyes and focus. However i’m very happy with the photos, the colors are very intense and the light is beautiful and soft.

And, finally, after rolling, falling (a lot), gliding down hill and throwing lots of snow, we went back home. It was an amazing, extremely fun day. I still look at the pictures and don’t believe how beautiful everything was. I can wait to go back again!