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Photographing textures is pretty fun and interesting. You have to really come close to the object and calculate the exact distance you need to get the focus right. I don’t do a lot of textures, though. But a few days ago I was walking around the park and there is the huge, beautiful old stone wall that must have been there for a very, very long time. I’ve taking photos of it before, but I took a new one last time I was there.

I love these kind of walls. Back in Venezuela, we had a stone wall inside the house. It was right next to the fireplace and I loved it. Every time I see one, I rememeber of the one at my old house. I wish I had one in my apartment here.

Maybe some day! And I will spam my blog with photos of my Dense stone wall.


Beach Solitude weekly photo challenge

Solitude is necessary sometimes. And, I don’t know, but I don’t think that solitude has to mean to be alone. I believe in solitude as a form of finding something or even someone that gives you peace and tranquility.

Solitude can be a quiet beach sitting next to someone you love. Solitude can be a nap on a Sunday afternoon, or the sound of rain and thunder outside. Maybe a cup of tea after a hard day, or going for a run hearing your footsteps stomp on the pavement.

Either way, solitude is important. It gives us time to decompress, relax, think or maybe not to think and just go to our special place even for a little while.


relax weekly photo challenge wordpress

Honestly, no person in this world knows how to Relax better than a puppy. Every time I see Mango sleeping or just chillin’ somewhere around the house, makes me want to do the same thing.

He just turned 10 months and his behaviour is changing so much. He is more relaxed now and just wants to be pet and hang out with us. We cuddle for the first time this weekend too! In general he helps me relax so much.

Whenever I’m feeling anxious or stressed, I just go and sit with him or take him for a walk and that helps me so much. That’s why I immediately thought of him when I saw the theme for this Weekly Photo Challenge.


weekly photo challenge shine mafe roig

There’s something magical about the way sunlight sneaks through these little streets. Maybe is the autumn light. It’s so soft and warm.

I think this is my favourite light for photos. Back in Venezuela, we had almost the same type of light throughout the year. I loved the 4pm light. But here in Barcelona, the changes are very notorious. And this is for sure the one I like the best.

This is my contribution for this Weekly Photo Challenge, Shine.


mafe roig photo

I’m sure there was music in the background of this photo.

Back when I lived in Venezuela we had a very beautiful and green garden surrounding all of our house. One of my most fond memories of my life in Venezuela is watching my parents gardening every weekend.

They got up very early on Sundays, put some music on, grabbed a couple of beers and gardened for hours. Afterwards, they just lay there talking and enjoying our garden.

I took these photos one of those Sundays. I was inside and saw them. I knew a was leaving very soon. We already had our tickets to Barcelona and everything. I knew that was probably the last time I would saw my parents in our garden like that.

The light was beautiful, the sunset was perfect. This is the image of Nostalgia to me.


I see these photos and can hear Al Di La (my mom loves that song) in my head, smell the wet dirt and feel the soft sun.


mafe roig photo blog weekly photo challente partners

El mundo nace en cada beso – Joan Fontcuberta & Antoni Cumella

El mundo nace en cada beso. “The world is born in every kiss”. That’s the name of this photomosaic in Barcelona.

It’s build by the contribution of 4.000 photographies send by citizens, people that wanted to be a part of it. The theme of the photos was freedom moments. 

mafe roig photo blog

Now, this people will live as Partners in this amazing piece of art for as long as it remains.


mafe roig photo blog teatro poliorama

This is the façade of the Teatro Poliorama in Barcelona. It was opened in 1899 and functions as a theater since 1982.

Every day this clocks says hello to me from the windows at work. Every time I see it, it makes me think about all the other people it has greet all over these years. And when I hear about this week’s Photo Challenge, I thought about photographing a clock (where all the numbers are).

What better clock that one thats been around since 1899?



mafe roig photography blog

Just as any other kind of human expression, dancing is art. It’s a way to express ourselves, who we are, what we are feeling. It can make us feel confident, happy, sexy.

I love to dance. It doesn’t mean I’m good at it, but I love it. I dance while I’m cleanin which might be kind of a clichè, but it’s the only way it’s fun! I think when we dance we feel free! Specially if we let go and don’t care about making a fool of ourselves.

I was really excited when I read about this Weekly Photo Challenge theme. I just did a photo shoot of a pole dancer girl. This one is a sneak peek, but I’ll be sharing more photos of this shoot because I really like how they turned out!

Hope you like it 🙂