Going to therapy

Photography has become much more than a hobbie or a job for me. It has become in a form of therapy. Specially wedding photography.

wedding photography mafe roig

If the couple thinks their cheeckbones get soared from smiling so much, they have NO idea. Mine just get stuck that way and I get a permanent smile for the entire day. Hubby went with me to help me out at the last wedding I photographed. When we were leaving I remembering saying to him that shooting weddings was a form of therapy for me. It makes me so happy to be part of those special days and unique moments.

At one point I realized I was smiling the whole time.  So, much more than “documeting a wedding” or doing a “job”, photography is something that makes me happy. Here are some of my favorites shot from this beautiful day.

What Makes Photography so Special



This is a photo of my grandparents when the got married 63 years ago. My parents accidentally found it a few weeks ago and sent it to me. I think is absolutely perfect, it looks like a scene you read about on a romatic novel.

And for me, this is what makes photography so special. The capacity of keeping this moments preserved in time for others to live them somehow many years later.

I had to do some retouching because it was a litte bit damage by time. Here is the original one.

boda papas nan


I wanted to only fix the parts that were damaged, preserving the colors and everything else so it wouldn’t lose any feeling.

They looked so happy :).

Where Inspiration Comes From: Fotvik

It would be a lack of everything to try to be an artist, to try to create, to try to touch people with our work, whatever branch we dedicate ourselves to, without looking and learning from others. From those who have more experience, those who have walked a little bit more than us.

That’s why I think it took me way too long to create this space on mi blog. A space dedicate to people that inspires me with their work, with their style. Work from people that I admire some way or another.

And to inaugurate this new section on my blog I want to share and introduce you to the photographers of Fotvik.


Fotvik Wedding Photography

Fotvik Wedding Photography

I found Fotvik through Facebook a little while after I moved to Barcelona. One of my closest friends follows them and shared a photo they posted. I automatically started following them too.

They do wedding photography. But to me, they do a very special type of wedding photography. The angles they find, the lighting they caputre, the revealing process they do… All toghether makes their photos so special, different and unique.

Here is a small gallery of their work. But please, visit their webiste and their Facebook page so you can really appreciate what they do.

I just love the softness of the colors and the appreciations of every small detail. It’s a very intimate kind of photography.

I could really spend hours going through their gallery. This kind of photography relaxes me and makes me smile. Makes me even more conviced (if possible) that this is want I wan to do. Here is a little of what Victor, from Fotvik says about being a photographer:

“I know that when I shoot my camera, I can save a bunch of memories of people lives, and that makes me excited, is pure feeling (…) To express with words what I feel about photography is hard, maybe my photos will speak much better”

And you know, before I dind’t even think about it, but since I follow their work I’ve been eager to photograph my first bride!