Day 7: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Yesterday was a very active day. We roamed the city with our bikes for almost 6 hours under the sun, then we went for a late (very late) swim at the beach and endend up going to be almost at 4 in morning. So today we nedeed to rest!

mafe roig photo blog

I slept a LOT, played Zelda Twilight Princess HD (which was getting dust in a drawer) and hubby cooked a delicious lunch. Then we dedicated the rest of the afternoon to Mango! We took him to the park so he could freely run and play. He is now exhausted next to the bed, and so I’m I.

This is the last day of my One Post a Day Challenge! This week was amazing and I’m so happy I made it! 🙂

Latest work: Otem’s Defiance

Last week I went out with a friend to do a shooting for a very cool indie video game company here in Barcelona called HyperBerry Games. They are about to launch their first title called Otem’s Defiance and they wanted a team that helped them develop their corporate image and marketing strategy. So I joined forces with my friend and started working!

mafi roig photography blog concept art

Otem’s Defiance Concept Art

It’s the first time I participate in a project of this sort. Most of the photography I’ve done has been more personal. I’ve never done “corporate”photography. So, at first, I was a little scared, because I wasn’t very sure what angle would I take on this.

So, when I got there and saw the location, I decided to try and translate my usual style to these photos as well. I started looking around for interesting elements to incorporate in the shots, such as plants like the photo above and make each frame more interesting.

I focused on capturing specific elements that would show the work and personality of each member involved with the project.

We are still working together and very cool things are coming! You can check out the trailer of the game by clicking this link.