A Face in The Crowd

Worpdress Weekly Photo Challenge - A Face in The Crowd

I love doing portraits. Straight on face portraits.

But it took me a while to get there. It’s not easy for any of the parts involved in a potrait to be completly comfortable with what’s going on. So at first, when I started photography you could see that. My subjects felt far aways, the framing was all over the place…It was messy.

In time that started to fade away and I begun to really love potrait photography.

However, there’s something really interesting on shooting people from a far, even from their backs. It gives a photo this misterious quality about the person.

What are they doing? Thinking? Are they happy? Sad? Nostalgic?

This is my contribution for this Weekly Photo Challenge.

Roadtrip Nature Photography

It’s been a while since we went on a roadtrip.

Mountains Mafe Roig Photography

Last weekend we went aways for a day and visited beautiful places that gave me the opportnity to practice nature and landscape photography. I took my time to snap each photo and then processed them using Lightroom.

I don’t know why, but every time we go on a roadtrip, the experience makes me feel more at home. The planning, getting the car, listeting to loud music while admiring the road sceneries, it feels right.

I also managed to do a short video for my new YouTube Channel. (Which I’m really excited about!)

I hope you feel at home too and have a beautiful week.

Day 7: Not knowing!

So, vacations are over and so is one post a day challenge!

One of my favorite things about doing this challenge during a week of vacation is that I never know what my post is going to be about until the day is about to end. When I do this, I wait almost until before going to sleep so the post has relation with what I did that day.

That makes it a little bit more difficult, but is also more fun! I got to relax a lot this week. Sleep, stream, hang out with Mango and hubby… It was a perfect week.

Here’s a summary of my favorite photos from the challenge!


Day 5 and 6: Streaming photography!

Ok yes I know. I missed one day. But that’s good because the only reason I missed it was because it was a very good and when we arrived home at night I was so tired and sleepy I dind’t got to sit and post on the blog.

One of the things I did during the day was a photo stream on my Twtich Channel: Mafirette.

Mafe Roig Photo Blog

I worked photos from our trip to Vall de Nùria on Lighroom while chatting to people and explaning what I was doing! I’ve resumed streaming this week because I so excited about one of my birthday presents: a Ninendo 3DS XL with a capture card!!! I wanted one of those for a long time. So I got enthused with streaming again. Then at night, we went to a delicious restaurant to have dinner with my parents and there was wine (hence the not bloggin yesterday xD)

Here’s a gallery with the phtoso I developed yesterday! Hope you like them!

I’m bloggin early today because we are going to see the new Spiderman movie! So I thougth I’m not going to have time to post tonight.

Tomorrow is the last day of my challenge!


Wanderlust is a beautiful topic for this Weekly Photo Challenge. Hubby and I recently signed up for a shared car rental system and decided to start taking road trips during the weekends every now and then.

Mafe Roig Photography Blog

Pals in Catalunya

Two weeks ago we went and visit three small, enchanting towns of Catalunya: Pals, Peratallada and Calella de Palafrugell. It was an amazing opportunity to take a bunch of photos of these beautiful corners of the world. Pals and Peratallada are completely build in stone and can easily take back in time.

Once we were done touring both towns, we still had day left and felt like lying around a beach somewhere! So we Googled for a near one and 20 minutes later we were eating muffins and watching the sunset in front of the sea at Calella de Palafrugell.

We went with very close friends and that made it all very fun and special. Definitely wanderlust goes in hand with passion with photography like a perfect match! I hope you enjoyed my photo gallery for this weekly photo challenge :).

Madeira II


Cámara de Lobos, Madeira – Portugal


Almost lost in the middle of the ocean, Madeira is the place where I imagine reitiring to when I’m all wrinkled and just want to spend the days looking at the sea. In my memory, this beautiful island lives like a painting: still, mesmerizing…captivating.

IMG_8853Tranquility will be a perfect word to describe Madeira. Its such a peaceful island I can’t imagine the words “stress” being spoke there. One of my favorite places there is a small town called Cámara de Lobos, the home of “poncha” a typical drink form Madeira and the dream of painters.

we went there two times during the week we stayed in Madeira. BTW, I had the most delicious food ever in this small piece of land. Seriously I can’t even begin to explain how good it was… (my mouht is watering right now)!!

I really hope mi photos get to express (even a little bit) the beauty of it! And if you ever decide to visit Madeira, I guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time.

Clic here! if you whish to read my first post about Madeira 🙂

Barcelona With Friends

Friends came to Barcelona. Sadly they didn’t stay for long, but is quality and not quantity that matters. During the days they were here, I saw things differently. In one hand, as I mentioned in another post, I got to Rediscover Barcelona and assure my love for this city.


But more importantly, I made amazing memories about our time living here. Last night we took them to the beach and I can assure you that it will be one of my top 5 moments in Barcelona. We just went to the coast, had a walk in the sand, soaked our feet in the sea and took some photos.

It wasn’t something extraordinary, but it was very special. I really miss my friends, and they being here made me happy and made me think about what is really important in life.

I know years from now I will look at these photos, and I will not think about money, I wont remember how much I had on my pocket or in my bank account. I wont remember what was troubling me, or what I had to do the next day.

I will remember the wind, the touch of the cold and soft sand beneath my feet. I will remember the warmth of the water and the lanter light that reflected on the surface while we were looking for small fishes.

I will remember how happy I was, how happy I felt and how I thought that these kind of moments are what life is all about. 

Rediscovering (re-loving) Barcelona



Two friends of ours came to Barcelona for their honey moon. They got married in Madeira (that’s why we went there), and they came for a couple of days, so we showed them a little bit around and it was like we were living Barcelona for the first time.

After being away for a week and coming back to the most beautiful places of the city to show to our friends, our eyes were wide open, marveling with every building, corner and park.


We rediscovered Barcelona. All the time I thought what an amazing and beautiful city it is, and it regained my heart. It has so much to offer and hubby and I realized how much we missed it.

With that in mind I would like to share with you some of my favorite photos I’ve taken in this past year and half 🙂

Glad to be back!

Madeira I

Madeira is the island where you can see the ocean from everywhere. Where the sky melts with the horizon and you can’t tell where one begins and the other one ends. The island of endless tunels and shifting weather.

In Madeira the landscapes are as diverse as they can get. Sunny beaches are escorted by the highest cloudy mountains, filled with beautiful houses of orange ceilings that decorate the hills, becoming the island signature view.  (We even got a magnet of it!)


If should attempt to describe Madeira with one word it would be erratic. The brightest sunlight can easily disappear in a few seconds, washed away by pouring rain, and vice versa, over and over, and over again.

There’s a lot to tell you about Madeira, and a lot (a lot) of photos to show too (trust me… a lot!) So, let’s leave at that today and I’ll tell you some more later.

Have a wonderful week 🙂


Three months, 500 pictures, a thousand experiences

Playing Bubbles

7,492 kilometers. Yes, that’s the exact distance I traveled before changing my life completely. Seven thousand four hundred and ninety two kilometers. That is the distance from Caracas, Venezuela to Barcelona, Spain. This, strictly, in geographical terms, of course.

With a suitcase in each arm, a bag over my shoulder and my other half next to me, I arrived to Barcelona April 6, 2013. Since that paradoxical day, neither my SD memory or mi own, are enoguh to document everything I’ve experienced.

And, since I’ve been here, the word “routine” word has no meaning for me. Each day followed to April 6 is completely new and different. This, as far as photography is concerned, it is like a dream come true.

My camera never had the opportunity to see so many things. In these ninety days she has been freed from the four walls between which, monotonously, she lived bounded from the world, for reasons beyond her will. Now she is experiencing, next to me, a world of new images.

Here in the old continent, my camera and I are inseparable. We go everywhere together. And that is as it should be for any photography lover. Thus, it is the only way not to lose unique moments andd experiences.

With this new found freedom for both of us, I had the opportunity to capture stunning images. This new life has opened my eyes and my camera lens, teaching me that, to take good photographs, practice and ingenuity, are a must.

As they say, practice makes perfect. But we must never, ever dismiss the purity that a spirit moved by novelty can do for us.