What Makes Photography so Special



This is a photo of my grandparents when the got married 63 years ago. My parents accidentally found it a few weeks ago and sent it to me. I think is absolutely perfect, it looks like a scene you read about on a romatic novel.

And for me, this is what makes photography so special. The capacity of keeping this moments preserved in time for others to live them somehow many years later.

I had to do some retouching because it was a litte bit damage by time. Here is the original one.

boda papas nan


I wanted to only fix the parts that were damaged, preserving the colors and everything else so it wouldn’t lose any feeling.

They looked so happy :).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

I took this photo some time ago but when I read the theme of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge It came running to my head.

Time Mirror


I called it Time Mirror. This is my grandma! She is 85 years old. In the mirror she is about 20. She actually asked me to take this photo for her, and now she is always asking me to send her my entries on the blog for her to read.  I gotta say she was and is absolutely beautiful.

I took the photos and my brother, who is a graphic designer helped me with the montage. It was a challenge as I had to have many details in mind, like the lighting, where did it came in the original photo, the pose, everything.

Yes she is 85 years old but she constantly behaves and acts as she is still 20 :). I love that about her.