mafe roig photography

Seasons trapped in small tea bags.

Each tea reminds me of a season. For its colors, its flavor and the way they smell. Some even have flowers in them (very springy if you ask me)! They smell like, summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Since I read about this Week’s challenge, I had this photo of tea bags in my mind. But it was very hard to photograph them. The bags shine waaaaaaaay too much and it was very difficult to manage an angle in which you could appreciate the textures, the colors AND be well light as well.

It was a challenge indeed!


A Hug for the Soul

mafe roig photography


– Are you happy to see me? – I asked him while tears fell down my cheeks.

– Of course – He answered with a smile. There. Just sitting there at his table, that is no longer his, eating breakfeast just like so many other mornings I went to say hello.

I grabbed his hand in both of mine still crying. Tears fought with the smile that was trying to take over but there was no apparent winner.
He seemed happy. Healthy. Like before everything happened. We stared at each other for a little while and more. Me crying, him smiling.
My tears were an unbalanced mixture of happiness and sadness. I was sad because I miss him so much, and happy to see him again. I cried because it has been a long time since he is gone, and I smiled because, once again, after so long, we met again in my dreams.
– Hi, grandpa ¿How have you been? –