One post a day challenge part 2!

Time to relax, go to the beach, play some games and do One Post a Day Challenge Part 2!

It’s vacations time!

Mafe Roig Photo Blog

If you have been following my blog for over a year now, you must have seen my One Post a Day Challenge from last year! During my one week off from work in July I decided to do one post a day during seven days to work on creativity, keep a record of my vacations and have fun!

I saw one of those post photos a few days ago I decided I wanted to do it again this year! So this is the first post of the challenge!

Today I went to the beach with my parents, then we we browsed a cute store near their house and they invited me to have dinner! It was the perfect start of my vacations! Hope you have a great week! And if you decide to do a challenge like this one sometime, let me know! I would love to follow you!

All of these photos were taken with my phone a One Plus 3 and then developed using Lightroom 3.

YouTube Photography Channel

I’ve been meaning to open a photography YouTube channel for a while. However, I couldn’t come up with what to do on it. Finally, after some time I oficially opened my YouTune Channel!

I say “oficially” because I uploaded some videos previously from roadtrips and stuff, but now I now where I want to go and what I want to do with my YouTube channel. So, for the premiere I made a sort of behind the scenes video of my latest photo shoot for my friend’s web Vestier de Moda.

Hope you enjoy it!

I will upload more photos of this shooting here on my blog and on my Instagram account!

Ballet at the beach

Photographing a ballerina has been a dream since a long time ago.

ballerina mafe roig photo

When I was studying photography back in Venezuela at Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía  one of my teachers showed us the work of a photographer who shot the ballerinas at a studio in New York (sadly I can’t remember ir or find it anywhere), and I was hooked by it.

Since that day, I always wanted to photograph a ballerina.

ballerina shoot mafe roig

A few months ago I got introduced to Claudia. She is a ballerina from Venezuela and we did a photo shoot filled with magic! Here are some of my favourite shots:

She was so graceful and made my work so easy. The sunlight worked in our favor and I managed to give the photos a really soft look and feel.

It was a photo shoot filled with peace and sea breeze. Hope is the first of many to come :).

Have a beautiful week, everyone!

Day 3: Cloudy beach

Of course when I knew I was going to have a week of work, the image of sand, sun and the ocean imediatly came to my mind!

mafe roig photo blog

Today hubby and I finally went to the beach with a friend. I could feel my toes touching the water and the heat from the sun on my skin… Until we got there and a huge group of clouds decided to show up. Bummer…to say the least.

I’ve been waiting some time to go to the beach and when I finally do it was cloudy…and cold…and breeze… BUT, I still had a great time. We talked, we catched some Pokemon and I took some nice photos!

I took all of these with my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4 and then developed them using Lightroom! I don’t really like to take my camera to the beach if I know I’m going to be there for a while and I might not pay much attention to taking care of it. So today, I decided to use my phone! You can take great pictures with any camera, the important thing is to have a curious eye and pay attetiong to details :).

One post a day challenge!

It’s time to catch up on reading, some video games, to do puzzles, sleep in, cook new recipes, drink wine and watch movies.

It’s vacations time!

mafe roig photo blog

I have a week off work and I thought it’s a great opportunity to catch up with things I love and one of them is blogging! So I decided to set a small challenge for me and do One Post a Day for a Week!

It’s a way to keep creativity and photos flowing. So I’m going to share photos of things I do during this beautiful week and tell some stories about them.

I took these today in the afertoon and Mango was very curious about what these tiny thing in the bowl were. I love how curious he is about everything so I decied to capture that small moment :).

If you feel encouraged to join me during this self-imposed challenge, please let me know! I would love to see you photos, read your blogs and share them at the end of the week!

Framing the Picture

For a while now (a long time) I’ve wanted to print some of my photos and frame to decorate our appartment. A few weeks ago I finally did it!

mafe roig photography

I have to say there is something very special about taking your photos out of the digital world. I took me a while to finally choose which images I wanted to print first. I spent a good 5 days browsing back and forward in my photo archives until I finally chose these four photos.

I took them at least a year and a half ago during summer in a beautiful beach called Vilasar de Mar. I actually did a post of it back then. You can check out here!

So, if you have been thinkin about printing any of your pictures, I really recommend you do it. It’s amazing to wake up every morning or come home from work and have you images greeting you next to that cup of coffee o reming you that there will be brighter days.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’



Summer is music from the 80’s painted by a soft yellow light. Summer is going to the beach, to run with the waves and to build sand castles under the hot sun of the coast.

Summer is going to the pool to relax after jumping up and down all day in the sea, and going back to the house for a nice meal.

Summer is sitting on the dock watching the boats pass and the wind play with palm trees, as the sun sets and welcomes a fresh, starry night accompanied with long talks and laguhter echoed by the sound of water crashing the boats.

Summer is playing Nintendo until 3 am. and going to sleepd so happy and peaceful, that you will remember these feelings forever, no matter where you are.

That is Summer Lovin’ to me.

Tunnel in Summer – The passing of time

I’ve been wanting to take this photo for some time now. I finally got to it yesterday!


Is the passing of time. I took this same photo in autumm last year and posted it for a Weekly Photo Challenge. And yes, I will say it again: I’m obsseded with seasons, and now I took the same photo in summer to see the difference.

The plant is now so green and bushy. The sun barerly makes it through and it emanates a completly different feeling.

It just amazes me how much things can change within a few months. Everything can be so different in so little time.

Do seasons affect you too?