Perks of Mobile Photography

I have to confess that, for me, mobile photography represents a big challenge. It’s very difficult for me to find an angle I like when I shoot with my phone. Being such a wide angle lens makes is hard to frame a subject or a scene and I find myself taking so much time to do one shot.

However, mobile photography can be quite practical when you don’t want o can carry your professional equipment with you. That was the case for me last Sunday when I went for a walk with my parents.

I used my One Plus 3 phone and then processed the images using Adobe Lightroom. I just plated a bit with contrast and temperature to give the photos this kind of old look and feel.

I was happy I used my phone to document this day. It was a good day 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

For this Weekly Photo Challenge I’m sharing with you a photo I took last year around autumn time.



Yes, I know. I’m obssesed with seasons. But back in Venezuela we only have two: hot and hotter. So I just love grasping every little detail, every change of color of the leaves, every change on how the wind blows and how suddenly everywhere smells like flowers.

But I particulary like the changes on the light. As in this picture everything looks a little bit more yellow than usual…very autumy 🙂