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El mundo nace en cada beso – Joan Fontcuberta & Antoni Cumella

El mundo nace en cada beso. “The world is born in every kiss”. That’s the name of this photomosaic in Barcelona.

It’s build by the contribution of 4.000 photographies send by citizens, people that wanted to be a part of it. The theme of the photos was freedom moments. 

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Now, this people will live as Partners in this amazing piece of art for as long as it remains.

A reminder of time

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The streets of Barcelona are a mix of Time and cultures. Almost every structure looks like it was taken out of an illustrated history book, but decorated with modern lights, bright signs and picturesque establishments. You can take a stroll down a medieval looking alley filled with tattoo shops, bubble tea stores and vegan restaurants.

Every time I walk through these street I can’t help to wonder how did they look like way back when. Horses? Women with big-lace dresses? Did they lived there? In the same building with the sex shop or the seeds bank?

Every street and every corner of this city is a reminder of the passing of time.