mafe roig photography

Seasons trapped in small tea bags.

Each tea reminds me of a season. For its colors, its flavor and the way they smell. Some even have flowers in them (very springy if you ask me)! They smell like, summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Since I read about this Week’s challenge, I had this photo of tea bags in my mind. But it was very hard to photograph them. The bags shine waaaaaaaay too much and it was very difficult to manage an angle in which you could appreciate the textures, the colors AND be well light as well.

It was a challenge indeed!


Tunnel in Summer – The passing of time

I’ve been wanting to take this photo for some time now. I finally got to it yesterday!


Is the passing of time. I took this same photo in autumm last year and posted it for a Weekly Photo Challenge. And yes, I will say it again: I’m obsseded with seasons, and now I took the same photo in summer to see the difference.

The plant is now so green and bushy. The sun barerly makes it through and it emanates a completly different feeling.

It just amazes me how much things can change within a few months. Everything can be so different in so little time.

Do seasons affect you too?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

For this Weekly Photo Challenge I’m sharing with you a photo I took last year around autumn time.



Yes, I know. I’m obssesed with seasons. But back in Venezuela we only have two: hot and hotter. So I just love grasping every little detail, every change of color of the leaves, every change on how the wind blows and how suddenly everywhere smells like flowers.

But I particulary like the changes on the light. As in this picture everything looks a little bit more yellow than usual…very autumy 🙂