Framing the Picture

For a while now (a long time) I’ve wanted to print some of my photos and frame to decorate our appartment. A few weeks ago I finally did it!

mafe roig photography

I have to say there is something very special about taking your photos out of the digital world. I took me a while to finally choose which images I wanted to print first. I spent a good 5 days browsing back and forward in my photo archives until I finally chose these four photos.

I took them at least a year and a half ago during summer in a beautiful beach called Vilasar de Mar. I actually did a post of it back then. You can check out here!

So, if you have been thinkin about printing any of your pictures, I really recommend you do it. It’s amazing to wake up every morning or come home from work and have you images greeting you next to that cup of coffee o reming you that there will be brighter days.