Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

I took this photo some time ago but when I read the theme of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge It came running to my head.

Time Mirror


I called it Time Mirror. This is my grandma! She is 85 years old. In the mirror she is about 20. She actually asked me to take this photo for her, and now she is always asking me to send her my entries on the blog for her to read.  I gotta say she was and is absolutely beautiful.

I took the photos and my brother, who is a graphic designer helped me with the montage. It was a challenge as I had to have many details in mind, like the lighting, where did it came in the original photo, the pose, everything.

Yes she is 85 years old but she constantly behaves and acts as she is still 20 :). I love that about her.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Since the Window Photo Challenge was published last Friday, I’ve been constantly thinking about it.

I really enjoy watching everyone’s Window posts. There is something about the choice of sharing “that window” view that feels kind of magical to me. Why that one? How many times a day do you see through it? Do you like what you see? What made you share that specific window?


I chose this one because is my favorite window photo in my portfolio. It was taken around June 2012 in Barcelona. I was there on vacation with my parents. Little did I know a year later I would be living there.

I love the shape of windows here. They are so old and big, going from floor to ceiling, built in wood and they always squeak when you open or close them.