Madeira II


Cámara de Lobos, Madeira – Portugal


Almost lost in the middle of the ocean, Madeira is the place where I imagine reitiring to when I’m all wrinkled and just want to spend the days looking at the sea. In my memory, this beautiful island lives like a painting: still, mesmerizing…captivating.

IMG_8853Tranquility will be a perfect word to describe Madeira. Its such a peaceful island I can’t imagine the words “stress” being spoke there. One of my favorite places there is a small town called Cámara de Lobos, the home of “poncha” a typical drink form Madeira and the dream of painters.

we went there two times during the week we stayed in Madeira. BTW, I had the most delicious food ever in this small piece of land. Seriously I can’t even begin to explain how good it was… (my mouht is watering right now)!!

I really hope mi photos get to express (even a little bit) the beauty of it! And if you ever decide to visit Madeira, I guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time.

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Madeira I

Madeira is the island where you can see the ocean from everywhere. Where the sky melts with the horizon and you can’t tell where one begins and the other one ends. The island of endless tunels and shifting weather.

In Madeira the landscapes are as diverse as they can get. Sunny beaches are escorted by the highest cloudy mountains, filled with beautiful houses of orange ceilings that decorate the hills, becoming the island signature view.  (We even got a magnet of it!)


If should attempt to describe Madeira with one word it would be erratic. The brightest sunlight can easily disappear in a few seconds, washed away by pouring rain, and vice versa, over and over, and over again.

There’s a lot to tell you about Madeira, and a lot (a lot) of photos to show too (trust me… a lot!) So, let’s leave at that today and I’ll tell you some more later.

Have a wonderful week 🙂