Shooting with A Plane Ticket in beautiful Barcelona!

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot with my friend Vero from A Plane Ticket.

Vero A Plane Ticket Mafe Roig Photography

She is about to re-launch her YouTube Channel and we did some photos with that purpose. We went to a place in Barcelona near the museum of design and an emblematic building called Agbar Tower.

I’ve been wanting to do a shooting there for a long time now. It’s a great place with great views, nice backgrounds and natural light. Here are some shots:

I also did a short YouTube video for my channel  (you can suscribe here) where I show you a little behind the scenes of the photo shoot! Hope you enjoy:

I used my Canon EOS 70D with my 50mm, f1.8 lens and Adobe Lightroom to develop de photos.

Trying something (a little) different

I think it’s nice to try different things every now and then. So for one of the last shoots I did, I changed a bit my style.

mafe roig photo blogger

We put our own personal brand in everything we do. And all types or art expressions or professions are no exception to that.

A few time ago I was concerned because I felt I didn’t have a personal style to my photography. I used to see all these other photographers whose portfolios or galleries had this unified look that left no doubt that those where his/her photos.

But when I saw mine I felt something was missing. Was I bringing something unique to my photos? If I put a photo that wasn’t mine in my portfolio, would someone notice?

I got so preoccupied by this I think it started affecting my work.  Some time passed, I decided to stop obsessing about it. To just let things flow and do with my photos what I felt I liked. Period.

And before I could even realise, I noticed that my style did exist! I now I can even explain it (huhu!).

For this last photo shoot, I tried using colder tones, and less saturated colours and a little more obvious use of the chiaroscuro. I usually use very warm tones, with a little over exposure and low contrasts. I will write a post explaining that very soon!

Even though these feel very different from what I usually do, I really like how the photos turned out. The entire look feels right for the girl and the theme of her photo shoot.

Have you found your personal style yet?

My first publication!

A few months ago a dear friend who is a YouTuber (a very good one, by the way!) told me that a magazine wanted to interview her. She needed a few photos to send along with her answers and she asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot with her.

Of course I said yes.

Yesterday the magazine came out!

mafe roig photo blogger barcelona


This is my first published photo ever! I can’t even explain how excited I am. It’s called Tendencia, and it runs in Venezuela, Miami, Panama and Aruba. I just want to thank my friend, Vero for this.

In the world of photography, as in the world of many other arts and professions, it’s very difficult to get opportunities like this one.

mafe roig photo blogger

Yes! That’s my name right there! Huhu, I’m so happy. You can read the complete interview in this link.

Also, it would be really cool if you visit my friend’s YouTube channel! It’s called A Plane Ticket and she makes these great videos talking about life as an immigrant. She gives tips, advices and talks about her personal experience.

We are also working together in a bunch of cool projects and I will be soon posting about those too!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Special Bonus

When I begun with photography I never thought it would be such a rewarding experience. What do you feel when you photograph someone?

mafe roig photography

I think is a very personal, intimate moment. Either is just the subject and myself, or if there are other people around. The moment I stand with my camera and I see the other person through my lens, and viceversa, a connection is made. There must be trust and realiance on each other. As photographer I’m asking someone to show themselves to me  as openly as they can in that brief moment.

That is very special.

For me, I’m trying to do my best to gain the full trust of the other person, to be professional and make them feel comfortable. For them, is a very vulnurable situation. They are on the spot. They become very aware of themsleves, their flaws, the “good side” the “bad side”, the hair; everything!

I really appreciate people opening up to me for a photo shoot. That is why the exchange of energies is so  incredible. It’s like a dance!

And one of the best moments is when the person finally gets to see the photos for the first time. Seeing that smile on their faces and getting that “thank you so much!” hug, is so special to me. I’ve always loved photography. But recieving that appreciation and the reward feeling is a bonus I never saw coming.

Do you feel the same way? Do you think is different when it becomes about other types of photography? Like fashion, for instance…



photoshoot girl

I did this photoshoot for WeedGirls online magazine.

This is Lita. She was awesome to photograph and it was the very first time she did something like this. We had so much fun and se was a complete pro! You can see the rest of the photos and a video from the shoot in the website.

I love taking photos of people. Every person is unique and every photoshoot is a new experience.

Do you like photographing people?


Portraits Again

Hello, everyone! it’s been a little while since I last posted, but I’ve been kind of busy lately. But a good kind of busy because I’ve been taking a lot of photos!

photoshoot in barcelona

This is Ruth. We did a photoshoot in the lovely streets and beaches of Barcelona, Spain a couple of weeks ago. We decided we wanted the photos to have a urban look and feel. So we went to construction sites, did some shots there, strolled down big avenues and then finished at the beach!

Is the frist time I do a photoshoot like this one and I’m really happy with the results 🙂 She was a great model. We actually did another photoshoot yesterday and I can’t wait to show it to you :).

Meanwhile, here is a little gallery with some other images.