The new member of the family!

polaroid mafe roig photography

I would like to present to you the new addition to my camera collection (well at least it’s starting to become a collection ;))

I’ve wanted a Polaroid since forever and I finally go one this week! I’m still learning how to take full advantage of what is a new type of photography for me and I’m having so much fun. I got the Polaroid Z2300 after a loooooooooong time reviewing and comparing different options. I finally went for this one because it has a screen where you can see the photos before you choose to print them.

Yeah, I know it messes up with the essence of a true Polaroid experience, but the papers are kind of expensive and I really dind’t wan’t to be skimping shots. I want to take as many photos as I want without being afraid of wasting prints and money. So far the experience has been great!

When I’m through with the first “batch” I’ll make a post to show all the photos!