Photos of drawings

Apart of taking pictures, I also like very much to draw. Sadly I’ts been a while since I last draw something. I had to leave all of my materials back in Venezuela. But, thanks to my dear brother, I’m back on track!

As a christmas present he gave me a drawing kit! So, with some good tunes on the Ipod, on a sunday night, the pencils began to roll…



This is Neliel, a character from Bleach. I always take photos of my drawings. However I findt it challenging.I feel that the pencil strokes always look kind of weird, they don’t look very smooth as they do in person.

It’s a bit strange to take photos of a drawing… It makes me think, where is the subject? in the photo? in the drawing? in both? It’s like a mirror infront of another mirror, I feel the question never ends.



One of the good things about moving to the country your grandparents were born, is that you get to know were your family comes from. Last week I got to visit the town my granfather was born and raised, Premià de Mar. It’s right in front of the beach, located about half an hour away from Barcelona and it’s absolutely beautiful.


I went there with my parents and hubby. Mi dad actually lived there for some time and he took us to the street where he lived with his grandmother. He couldn’t remember exactly wich was their house but I was amazed as I’ve never seen a street like that before. all the houses are right next to one an another, with one huge door and a balcony on the the second floor.

The thing I liked the most were the doors. Every house has the same style, but every door is a complete new story. They are so big and beautiful I couldn’t resist to take a photo of each one.

As there was no one around I didn’t get the chance to ask about them, but I’m sure all the houses and their doors have great stories behind them. Blue, green, wood, white, fancy, old, modern, big and small this doors fascinated me. What could they have seen in all this years?

My favorite is the first one, the white one, with stone walls. Wich one do you like the best?

Creepy & Fun Halloween Photos

Of course I had to do some Halloween photos! I couldn’t let that just pass by. I didn’t get to do as many as I would have like too, but I can’t complain.



My brother did a small Halloween party and we had a lot of fun doing crazy/creepy looking pictures. I really liked how this one turned out. The lighting was very cool. We also did some funny pictures too! Here is a small gallery of them, hope you like them.

It was kind of a challenge to get good pictures with so little lighting, but at the end it really worked out. The noise makes the photos look more creepy and I like it. Sometimes this unplanned things work for the best! So go out there and try new things even if you are not sure of how will they turn out.

Hope you had a great Halloween and got to eat lots of candy!