Editing VS Developing

When I talk about processing my photos, I always talk about developing them. Not about editing (unless I feel that is exactly what I’m doing). I believe there’s a very big difference between both concepts.

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I use Adobe Lightroom to develop my photos

Let’s get technical for a moment. According to the WordReference dictionary “editing” refers to: revise, rewrite, correct, alter, delete. 

While, “develop” makes reference to: improve, exploitmagnify, build up, augment, refine, enrich

That is exactly what I’m talking about. When we talk about editing our photos, I believe that means to change, to alter the original, raw image. For example, when we work on a specific type of fantasy photography and we want to add objects that don’t exist in real life. Or when models get retouched and edited to look a certain way in fashion photography.

When we develop our images, we are not changing them. We are enhancing, magnifying the original information of the photo. The result is that the final image is very similar to the original, only with a few tweaks.

Of course I’m not saying one method is better than the other. I believe editing and developing have completely different purposes. Depends on our own personal style as photographers, on what we wish to accomplish and the type of photography we are doing.

By the way! This is a new type of post I would like to start doing. Posts with tips and guides, personal opinions about photography and to share a little bit about my style! Hope you enjoy them!



Special Bonus

When I begun with photography I never thought it would be such a rewarding experience. What do you feel when you photograph someone?

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I think is a very personal, intimate moment. Either is just the subject and myself, or if there are other people around. The moment I stand with my camera and I see the other person through my lens, and viceversa, a connection is made. There must be trust and realiance on each other. As photographer I’m asking someone to show themselves to me  as openly as they can in that brief moment.

That is very special.

For me, I’m trying to do my best to gain the full trust of the other person, to be professional and make them feel comfortable. For them, is a very vulnurable situation. They are on the spot. They become very aware of themsleves, their flaws, the “good side” the “bad side”, the hair; everything!

I really appreciate people opening up to me for a photo shoot. That is why the exchange of energies is so  incredible. It’s like a dance!

And one of the best moments is when the person finally gets to see the photos for the first time. Seeing that smile on their faces and getting that “thank you so much!” hug, is so special to me. I’ve always loved photography. But recieving that appreciation and the reward feeling is a bonus I never saw coming.

Do you feel the same way? Do you think is different when it becomes about other types of photography? Like fashion, for instance…


The Sun is Back

For the past few months the sun abandoned us. His absence opened the doors to unmerciful cold. No heat, no warm sun rays for so long.

However, cold afternoons and grey skies are over. The sun is back.

Sunny Plant

After having lunch a couple of days ago I saw a little bright spot on the couch brown fabric. I went to investigate and for my surprise it was a small spot of sunlight. I was so happy! So I just sat there, cuddling in the little spot while it grew into a big warm sun ray.

I closed my eyes I let the warmth embrace be. It was so beautiful how it passed through the new small plants on the table. The plants were happy and so was I. We have sunny afternoons again 🙂


Colors, colors, so many colors. When I started with photography I only did black and white photos. It was a rule from the place I was studiying: all of our pictures, no matter what they were about, had to be in B&W. To my detriment it made me scared of color photography. I was missing out on so much.


I took this picture a few months ago. It’s a lamp brought directly from Turkey. I was hypnotized by it and the way the forms and colors reflect on the wall, not many lamps do that.

I enjoy color photography now, it’s a new world :).


One of the good things about moving to the country your grandparents were born, is that you get to know were your family comes from. Last week I got to visit the town my granfather was born and raised, Premià de Mar. It’s right in front of the beach, located about half an hour away from Barcelona and it’s absolutely beautiful.


I went there with my parents and hubby. Mi dad actually lived there for some time and he took us to the street where he lived with his grandmother. He couldn’t remember exactly wich was their house but I was amazed as I’ve never seen a street like that before. all the houses are right next to one an another, with one huge door and a balcony on the the second floor.

The thing I liked the most were the doors. Every house has the same style, but every door is a complete new story. They are so big and beautiful I couldn’t resist to take a photo of each one.

As there was no one around I didn’t get the chance to ask about them, but I’m sure all the houses and their doors have great stories behind them. Blue, green, wood, white, fancy, old, modern, big and small this doors fascinated me. What could they have seen in all this years?

My favorite is the first one, the white one, with stone walls. Wich one do you like the best?

My Favorite Model

Since I started practicing photography I’ve had a model that has accompanied me on every assignments, task or project. She is always willing to be photographed. she poses  calmly and elegantly. She participates in the most positive way and has the world’s largest patience while I try thousand exposures and every angle  I can think of. My favorite model is my grandmother.


My grandmother is 85 years old and has an amazing vitality. Every day she fixes her hair, and going out without makeup is inconceivable. I haven’t met anyone who dresses as elegantly as she does, and she is always target of compliments and praises when she goes out. She loves to read, to have a drink from time to time, she can spend hours talking to a complete stranger and if there’s a party she is the main dancer .

And on top of all thatt, is a great model. I remember that in the first photography course I did, as a final assignment I had to do a photo essay and I did about my grandmother. Since then, whenever I have the opportunity I photograph her. Here are some of the many images I’ve done of her.

And as if that wasn’t enough, my grandmother loves to be my model. To photograph her in a studio, or on her day to day life, is great. She enjoys it as much as I do and as a photographer that’s amazing.

Phtopgrahy: Mafe Roig / Editing: Adolfo Roig

Finally, portraits again

Lately I have been taking to many pictures of nature and landscapes. And, although I’ve found that I like it more than what I thought, I must admit i’m a fan of portrait photography .

Recently I started looking for models to do a photo shoot. It’s been too long, too much for my taste, since I last did portraits,  and I was desperate. However, after several proposals and a request via my Facebook page, someone answered my plea.

Black & White portrait

My cousin, Anna, volunteered as a model. We decided to use the beach as our stage and do a very natural session. We started about five o’clock in the afternoon, when the sun was beginning to set and that allowed us to take pictures with quite a variety of light effects.

For the wardrobe we went for full white clothing, contrasting with well defined red lips and the many colors of her eyes. Always having in mind the feeling we wanted to achieve with these photos, the light, the color of the sky and the breeze came together in perfect harmony creating the mood we needed.

It had been some time since I last did portraits so it took me a few clicks to get warm. But after a while everything started to flow, and without realizing it, I spent two hours photographing Ana. Here is a small gallery of my favorites.

Portraits is a style that I definitely want to perfect. There is still much to learn and I will continue practicing.

Invisible Cameras


Photography changes the way we see things. Everything shows details that weren’t there before, the features of a face become obvious to our eyes, objects have new angles and it even becomes possible to photograph a personality.

The light no longer looks the same either, now it has tones and meanings. It can be happy, sad, melancholic, anxious or peaceful… now the light has moods.

And now I take photos with my eyes. I walk down the street and imagine how would I photograph that girl with green eyes, freckles and red hair. The framing, the light, the contrast, the colors and the final picture in one blink.

That lady and her small yorkshire sitting in the park, pose to my invisible camera and I take their picture to demonstrate “how things resemble to their owner” as that old Disney movie reminds me.

Taking photographs with the eyes is a great exercise that eventually becomes inevitable. It comes with the package of being a photographer. It’s about feeling so passionate about something that you can’t go by a day without it. Just as the musicians playing invisible instruments, not having a camera doesn’t mean no pictures will happen.

And this is great because it helps to develop a vision, a personal style. And what better place to do that than in our minds? Viewing photographs everywhere trains our eyes, and, by doing so, the image processing occurs in our heads, opening infinite possibilities of editing that can then be applied to reality.

This practice will help to be more clear about what we want and where can our images go to.