Editing VS Developing

When I talk about processing my photos, I always talk about developing them. Not about editing (unless I feel that is exactly what I’m doing). I believe there’s a very big difference between both concepts.

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I use Adobe Lightroom to develop my photos

Let’s get technical for a moment. According to the WordReference dictionary “editing” refers to: revise, rewrite, correct, alter, delete. 

While, “develop” makes reference to: improve, exploitmagnify, build up, augment, refine, enrich

That is exactly what I’m talking about. When we talk about editing our photos, I believe that means to change, to alter the original, raw image. For example, when we work on a specific type of fantasy photography and we want to add objects that don’t exist in real life. Or when models get retouched and edited to look a certain way in fashion photography.

When we develop our images, we are not changing them. We are enhancing, magnifying the original information of the photo. The result is that the final image is very similar to the original, only with a few tweaks.

Of course I’m not saying one method is better than the other. I believe editing and developing have completely different purposes. Depends on our own personal style as photographers, on what we wish to accomplish and the type of photography we are doing.

By the way! This is a new type of post I would like to start doing. Posts with tips and guides, personal opinions about photography and to share a little bit about my style! Hope you enjoy them!