Photos of drawings

Apart of taking pictures, I also like very much to draw. Sadly I’ts been a while since I last draw something. I had to leave all of my materials back in Venezuela. But, thanks to my dear brother, I’m back on track!

As a christmas present he gave me a drawing kit! So, with some good tunes on the Ipod, on a sunday night, the pencils began to roll…



This is Neliel, a character from Bleach. I always take photos of my drawings. However I findt it challenging.I feel that the pencil strokes always look kind of weird, they don’t look very smooth as they do in person.

It’s a bit strange to take photos of a drawing… It makes me think, where is the subject? in the photo? in the drawing? in both? It’s like a mirror infront of another mirror, I feel the question never ends.