Orange, orange and more orange

Orange is this week’s color thanks to the Weekly Photo Challenge!

I read the theme of the challenge a couple of days ago and I begun to look around for orange things and I realised that there were none. Maybe is that we are still in winter time and everything in nature is pretty much full grey.

BUT, yesterday hubby and I went grocery shopping and I bought some tangerines (yum!). When we got home I started fixing a nice bowl of fruits, arranging my beautiful (orange) tangerines and by chance, I placed a kitchen cloth right next to them. And guess what? It had orange stripes!

That was when the photo for my challenge came to mind. I went to look for this awesome and cute napkin holder in the shape of a crazy, orange dog and spent the next 15 minutes taking these photos, which made me kind of late for work.

But the photos where in my head and I had to take them.