It was my birthday!


It was July 21st and it was my birthday! I turned 29 this year and had the best day ever. Everyone, hubby, my family and my friends really made it special. I love you all so much and I just want to share this photos with you!


My day was full of surprises, hugs, amazing company and love!

I’m also working on a short video! As soon as it’s ready I will share it too. Thank you all so much for my amazing day. I love you!

The Fair

Last week, seizing the benefits of our new city, my husband and I decided to go for  saturday afternoon stroll. We walked through the streets of Barcelona and the coast, about eight kilometers in total, and it was spectacular.

As expected, I took my camera with me expecting to find something special, and we did. After walking for some time, we found a mechanical fairground near the beach.

Barcelona Fair

I have never been to a fair like this, and I loved it. The lights, the sounds, the smell of food, everything was extremely colorful and bright, like something brought out of a movie and it was quite unreal.

I took lots of pictures. For me this was a completely new sight and everything was worth to be photographed.

The photos have very little processing. All I did was give them all the same treatment as to the intensity of the colors, to enhance the consistency between them, beyond the subject.

Additionally, you may  notice that people are not present in most of the images and, if there are, they are not the focus of the picture. This was completely intentional.

Since I saw the fair I intended that the photographs had some of a dark mood. Such places have always inspired me a sense of creepiness. Hence the decision in the treatment of colors and the absense of people in the images.

Candies Fair

I had fun doing these pictures. And there is something else I can add to the list of new things I have done ​​this year.

Night of music, breeze and moonlight


I’m sitting here … well, ok … lying down, with my inseparable companion, my camera, some music and the breeze coming through the window, waiting for the Moon to peep through the clouds and grant me permission to photograph her at least one time.

A dog barks in the distance and everything is mixed with Hollie Cavanagh’s voice singing a cover of Bleeding Love from my Ipod.

Meanwhile, the Moon teases me into thinking that I will be honored with her presence. I let her tease me, close my eyes,  embrace the little breeze that comes, timidly, through my wide open window and I keep listening…

I spy the sky again and my eyes show me evidence that the clouds have won. The Moon decided to dispense of my company and my camera lens. Today there will not be pictures of the moon. Only her trail of light filtering through the clouds, mocking me.

Music, breeze and moonlight.

Deep lull moments like this are rare. You have to embrace them before they escape from you like the Moon has escaped from me tonight.