A day at the beach

For me I think there’s nothing like a beach day . And last weekend I had a great one. I went, with the best company to Villasar de Mar, a town north of Barcelona.

I also had the opportunity to take a lot of pictures and I loved the results . At first it was a little afraid to face my camera to the breeze, water and sand but then, as the sunset approached the light became so spectacular that I could not resist . Of course I must add here that  I have a huge preference to photographing with this light. There’s something about that time of the day that is find very special.

Freezing waves

I spent some time photographing the waves. I loved how they lit up and I wanted to freeze the motion and light to remember, and share the feeling of peace they gave me. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the soft sunlight at its perfect temperature and the feeling of soaked sand under my feet.

Everytime I see pictures of waves, my attention is caught by the forms they make. Sometimes they seem more like if they were solid sculptures than water. So, I tried to capture some of that in my photos and I must addmit i’m pretty happy with the results.

Sand Macro

With such good lighting and this type of sand, I could not resist to take some macros. The beach is a beautifull picture when we put it together, but it’s always good to look at things a little more closely and appreciate all the details.

Here is a small gallery of the photos I took that day. There’s a bit of everything. Enjoy!

I enjoyed this day very much, especially now that I live in a new country where there isnt summer all year round . Iim starting to appreciatte and enjoy what each season has to offer. Soon I will have the opportunity, for the first time, to photograph winter. But for now we still have a little more summer to seize.

Doing macros without a macro lens

Macro Drops

Taking macro pictures is extremely fun. It’s a style that opens the door to a world of incredible detail, things that we could never see without the help of our camera.

However, it may happen that, even if we really want to do macro photography we crash with a couple of walls. First, not all cameras have the option to shoot in this mode, and if they have it, my experience tells me that is not very effective. Usually it’s a false macro that doesn’t amplifies the subjetct as it should.

And second, maybe you might consider buying a macro lens, specially and uniquely designed for this type of photography. But as they are especially graduated to focus at short distances, they are the most expensive  ones in the market.

Yes, it can be daunting. But what if I told you there’s a third option for doing macros? Last year when I was taking a photography course in Bogota, Colombia, my teacher showed me a great technique for real macros without the need of a special lens.

Red Bugs macro

If you have an interchangeable lens camera, you are have half way there. All you have to do to start shooting macros is to take the lens, remove it, turn it over and hold it in it’s place. Now you’re ready.


It is important to keep several details in mind when using this improvised technique. First, it’s important to have very good lighting in order to shoot at a fast speed. Since we are holding the lens in our hands, it moves a lot and if you shoot with a slow speed your picture will turn out moved and blurry.

Macro Flower

I advise you to graduate the shutter speed and aperture before turning the lens over, this way you’ll have appropriate parameters to start shooting. The way we focus  also changes with this method. Now the focus distance is regulated depending on how our bodies get closer or move away from the subject we want to photograph.

macro flower

This is a very good technique to start doing macro photography if you don’t have a specialized lens for it. Just remember to be patient, have good lighting and get really close to your subject.

Summer is here!

Relaxing summer

Welcome August and welcome summer! Lots of sun, heat, blue skies and a little breeze. Definitely the harmony of all these elements brings us one of the most fun times of the year.

It seems that the weather conspires to bring us spectacular days, leaving us the only choice os being in a good mood. And how to resist, if you open the window in the morning and the sky, clear and blue greets you and the sun’s rays, without invitation, sneak through the window to say good morning.

Summer pictures


It is also a special time to share with our camera. The landscapes that the summer offers are unique. We have the opportunity to shoot, with amazing lighting, scenes that are only possible to witness in these months, and translate the feeling of this season to our images.

They are just months to enjoy. Whether or not we are officially on vacation, there’s something about summer that feels different and we must seize it.

Enjoy Summer

It’s time to breathe fresh air, go on picnics, go to the beach, hike and sunbathe. Go for a walk after work, study at the park, drink your favorite beverage, have a refreshing ice cream and take amazing photos so you can carry summer the rest of the year with you.