Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

I took this photo some time ago but when I read the theme of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge It came running to my head.

Time Mirror


I called it Time Mirror. This is my grandma! She is 85 years old. In the mirror she is about 20. She actually asked me to take this photo for her, and now she is always asking me to send her my entries on the blog for her to read.  I gotta say she was and is absolutely beautiful.

I took the photos and my brother, who is a graphic designer helped me with the montage. It was a challenge as I had to have many details in mind, like the lighting, where did it came in the original photo, the pose, everything.

Yes she is 85 years old but she constantly behaves and acts as she is still 20 :). I love that about her.

My Favorite Model

Since I started practicing photography I’ve had a model that has accompanied me on every assignments, task or project. She is always willing to be photographed. she poses  calmly and elegantly. She participates in the most positive way and has the world’s largest patience while I try thousand exposures and every angle  I can think of. My favorite model is my grandmother.


My grandmother is 85 years old and has an amazing vitality. Every day she fixes her hair, and going out without makeup is inconceivable. I haven’t met anyone who dresses as elegantly as she does, and she is always target of compliments and praises when she goes out. She loves to read, to have a drink from time to time, she can spend hours talking to a complete stranger and if there’s a party she is the main dancer .

And on top of all thatt, is a great model. I remember that in the first photography course I did, as a final assignment I had to do a photo essay and I did about my grandmother. Since then, whenever I have the opportunity I photograph her. Here are some of the many images I’ve done of her.

And as if that wasn’t enough, my grandmother loves to be my model. To photograph her in a studio, or on her day to day life, is great. She enjoys it as much as I do and as a photographer that’s amazing.

Phtopgrahy: Mafe Roig / Editing: Adolfo Roig