Trying something (a little) different

I think it’s nice to try different things every now and then. So for one of the last shoots I did, I changed a bit my style.

mafe roig photo blogger

We put our own personal brand in everything we do. And all types or art expressions or professions are no exception to that.

A few time ago I was concerned because I felt I didn’t have a personal style to my photography. I used to see all these other photographers whose portfolios or galleries had this unified look that left no doubt that those where his/her photos.

But when I saw mine I felt something was missing. Was I bringing something unique to my photos? If I put a photo that wasn’t mine in my portfolio, would someone notice?

I got so preoccupied by this I think it started affecting my work.  Some time passed, I decided to stop obsessing about it. To just let things flow and do with my photos what I felt I liked. Period.

And before I could even realise, I noticed that my style did exist! I now I can even explain it (huhu!).

For this last photo shoot, I tried using colder tones, and less saturated colours and a little more obvious use of the chiaroscuro. I usually use very warm tones, with a little over exposure and low contrasts. I will write a post explaining that very soon!

Even though these feel very different from what I usually do, I really like how the photos turned out. The entire look feels right for the girl and the theme of her photo shoot.

Have you found your personal style yet?