Day 2: Home and huge ice creams!

Today was a very relaxed day. We stayed at home for most of it and I felt appreciating it a lot. Knowing you can just sit or lay down with no schedules or appointments for at least one week.

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My parents came over for lunch, hubby and I watched anime, we went shopping with a friend and I had the biggest and yummiest ice cream I’ve ever had! We also watched a horror movie called Hush at the end of the day and it left me with a weird feeling. So I decided to come write and share my photo of my One Post a Day Challenge Part 2 and see if I could relax again (it’s not working really well).

How’s your week coming along?



Wild Flowers and Dreams


And when she woke up, she realized that it wasn’t just another dream. Her dreams were carefully knitted, stitch by stitch, with her reality.

Maybe it was a very utopian way to see life. People has been telling her that her entire life. But she dind’t care.

Once, she believed in true love… and now he wakes up by her side every day 🙂


Shinny Flowers


On a very hot, sunny summer day, flowers got showered!

Now they are happy, with shinning little drops of refreshing water 🙂