Hello, December!

mafe roig photography december

I love December. It might be a cliché, but I just do.

And photography-wise, December is a treat! There are lights everywhere, and all the scenarios we are used to, change. There is all the cooking, the decorations and colors. The perfect opportunity to take some great shots.

This is a photo of a  poinsettia (I just learned that it’s name in English). In Venezuela we call it Flor de Navidad, which means Christmas Flower; or Papagayo which means parrot.

What do they called it where you live?


Sun is coming through the window, the sky is painted by a soft, half-way-saturated blue and breeze is softly swinging the small leaves and flowers of our litte garden at the balcony.



Our house is filled by the scent of this beautiful, purple Jacinto and Spring is here :).