Spring Everywhere!

I recently got the chance to work with a group of amazing, beautiful and very talented women: a jewelry maker, a pressional makeup artist and stylist and two amazing models. We did and incredibly beautiful photo shoot using srpingy-Barcelona as location and it coulnd’t have turned out more beautifully.

Mafe Roig Photography


We went to a really nice park in the high part of the city and it was just the perfect set. There were trees and flowers everywhere! We did photos on different parts of the park to try and take it all in.

My purpose was to match the makeup of the models with the flowers in the park, to create contrasts and use that beautil spring, golden hour light. I did so many photos and was SO happy with most of them I ended up with more that 200 final images.

Hope you get spring vibes from this photos! And if you want to see a behind the scenes of it, you can check it out on this video I published on my Youtube Channel!

YouTube Photography Channel

I’ve been meaning to open a photography YouTube channel for a while. However, I couldn’t come up with what to do on it. Finally, after some time I oficially opened my YouTune Channel!

I say “oficially” because I uploaded some videos previously from roadtrips and stuff, but now I now where I want to go and what I want to do with my YouTube channel. So, for the premiere I made a sort of behind the scenes video of my latest photo shoot for my friend’s web Vestier de Moda.

Hope you enjoy it!

I will upload more photos of this shooting here on my blog and on my Instagram account!

Portraits: Violete

It’s been a looooong, long, looooong, time since I’ve photographed people. And finally, thanks to my new job I’m getting to do it in an almost daily basis now. So I’m very, very happy!!

And I would like to share with you some of my favorites so far. This is Violete.



We were going for kind of a pin-up style. But the photoshoot evolved on its own and we endend up doing all kinds of things.

And this last one, I think has a more fashion-photography look. And It’s one of my aboslute favorites!



She is a great model and I loved shooting her! Can’t wait for the next time!