I’m a big fan of having a very precise Focus point in all of my photos. Specially in portraits. I always aim to the eyes and try to make them the central point of attention always keeping the background out of focus (I have a very special relationship with my 1.8 50mm lens and almost for a sure fact I will be shooting at 1.8 ((hihihihi)). 

Mafe Roig Photo Blog

For this shot it was a challenge to find that perfect focused eye point. I took this through a window in the intent of trying new things and ideas, as I mentioned on my previous post (it features a very handsome border collie and very nice fairy lights if you want to check that out!).

The reflections on the glass make it very difficult to find focus. But you just need to move around a little bit and maybe, if you have to, switch to manual focus. That’s what I did here and I think I got a very good focus.

I then developed this image using Adobe Lightroom and a little Photoshop afterwards.

Thanks to my beautiful model Jessica!


A Hug for the Soul

mafe roig photography


– Are you happy to see me? – I asked him while tears fell down my cheeks.

– Of course – He answered with a smile. There. Just sitting there at his table, that is no longer his, eating breakfeast just like so many other mornings I went to say hello.

I grabbed his hand in both of mine still crying. Tears fought with the smile that was trying to take over but there was no apparent winner.
He seemed happy. Healthy. Like before everything happened. We stared at each other for a little while and more. Me crying, him smiling.
My tears were an unbalanced mixture of happiness and sadness. I was sad because I miss him so much, and happy to see him again. I cried because it has been a long time since he is gone, and I smiled because, once again, after so long, we met again in my dreams.
– Hi, grandpa ÂżHow have you been? –

After the Storm

photo mafe roig

The calm after the storm.

My mind has been a little (very) stormy lately. Ideas are cloudy and confusing. I don’t know why or how long will it last.

I can’t even seem to get through this post properly. Zero focus.

I took this photo a few weeks ago at my office. There was a storm that day. It didn’t last for long, and sitting from my desk I saw the sun rays coming through the windows and it was a beautiful image. So I ran with my cellphone (the only camera I had at the moment) and took it.

Somehow it gives me a feeling of peace and calm.

I’m waiting for the calm after the storm.

Good Afternoon, Barcelona

Mafe roig photoshoot for weed girls online magazine

I took this photo for my job and I have to say It’s been one of my favorite photo sessions so far. I hope you like it. We did it in a small flat in one of the most popular streets in Barcelona city. And it all just clicked.

Every time I take photos I always say there is a warm up time. For me and for the model/person I’m photographing. But this time… I don’t know. It was different. It was great.

I wanted to share it with you because I’m really happy about how the images turned out.

You can see the full photoshoot by clicking here (here, here, here!) 

Have you ever had a session like that? Where you felt that everthing worked and ended up so happy about the results?

Let me know 😉

Good afternoon, from Barcelona.

The Best Week Ever – The unframed photo


A little more than a month ago a recieved the biggest surprise in my life (so far at least). Hubby and I where eating a nice pizza, watching some animé and the intercom went off.

I almost didn’t get up thinking it was a mistake, but something in my gut made me approach the little camera, and my father’s face was there…smiling… with his worn-out blue cap and yellow t-shirt.

I seriously thought I was having a stroke.

Story? My mom and dad came as a surprise and stayed here, in Barcelona, for one amazing, perfect week.

I got the days off from work and spent the best week ever. Between strolls to the beach, pinchos, lots of eating, photos and just spending time together, it was perfect.


These photos that I took that week made me realize something. When we take pictures, is not always about capturing what’s in front of us. Sometimes is about the people behind the lens, its about what we are feeling when we press the shutter.

Somehow the image per se is not framed in what we see.

When I see these images I feel the way I was feeling when I took them. It’s beautiful and so unique. Feels very personal in some way…

Does this happen to you?

Where Inspiration Comes From: Fotvik

It would be a lack of everything to try to be an artist, to try to create, to try to touch people with our work, whatever branch we dedicate ourselves to, without looking and learning from others. From those who have more experience, those who have walked a little bit more than us.

That’s why I think it took me way too long to create this space on mi blog. A space dedicate to people that inspires me with their work, with their style. Work from people that I admire some way or another.

And to inaugurate this new section on my blog I want to share and introduce you to the photographers of Fotvik.


Fotvik Wedding Photography

Fotvik Wedding Photography

I found Fotvik through Facebook a little while after I moved to Barcelona. One of my closest friends follows them and shared a photo they posted. I automatically started following them too.

They do wedding photography. But to me, they do a very special type of wedding photography. The angles they find, the lighting they caputre, the revealing process they do… All toghether makes their photos so special, different and unique.

Here is a small gallery of their work. But please, visit their webiste and their Facebook page so you can really appreciate what they do.

I just love the softness of the colors and the appreciations of every small detail. It’s a very intimate kind of photography.

I could really spend hours going through their gallery. This kind of photography relaxes me and makes me smile. Makes me even more conviced (if possible) that this is want I wan to do. Here is a little of what Victor, from Fotvik says about being a photographer:

“I know that when I shoot my camera, I can save a bunch of memories of people lives, and that makes me excited, is pure feeling (…) To express with words what I feel about photography is hard, maybe my photos will speak much better”

And you know, before I dind’t even think about it, but since I follow their work I’ve been eager to photograph my first bride!