Vero Spring Awakening Mafe Roig Photo

I’ve been waiting for spring like never before this year. This winter has been the coldest and longest one since we moved to Barcelona (it even snowed!!!) And spring seems to still be reluctant to make its big entrance.

However, trees and flowers are starting to bloom and a few weeks ago I met with a friend and we visited a couple of parks. We found the MOST beautiful pink trees we’eve ever seen and we just had to take some photos with them. This was the first shot we got.

It’s my first spring photo of the year and I’m already planing a few photo shoots to make the most of this beautiful season, its colors and happy energy.

Coincidentally this photo and the beginning of spring matched big changes in my life. I’m just coming to realize that right now while writing this…. hmmmm….You could say this is my take on this Weekly Photo Challenge, Awakening.


Mafe Roig Photography Blog

I can’t even remember the last time I went to see the sunrise before this. I’ve been meaning to do so for a long time but every time I tried to get out of bed so (so) early on a saturday or sunday I bailed.

What I needed is to plan a photo shoot at that time at the beach to finally do it. This photo is one from a Trash The Dress shoot I did with a dear friend. I will be sharing that very soon!

This is my Serene moment. And I’m so happy I got out of bed that morning.


Where Inspiration Comes From: Fotvik

It would be a lack of everything to try to be an artist, to try to create, to try to touch people with our work, whatever branch we dedicate ourselves to, without looking and learning from others. From those who have more experience, those who have walked a little bit more than us.

That’s why I think it took me way too long to create this space on mi blog. A space dedicate to people that inspires me with their work, with their style. Work from people that I admire some way or another.

And to inaugurate this new section on my blog I want to share and introduce you to the photographers of Fotvik.


Fotvik Wedding Photography

Fotvik Wedding Photography

I found Fotvik through Facebook a little while after I moved to Barcelona. One of my closest friends follows them and shared a photo they posted. I automatically started following them too.

They do wedding photography. But to me, they do a very special type of wedding photography. The angles they find, the lighting they caputre, the revealing process they do… All toghether makes their photos so special, different and unique.

Here is a small gallery of their work. But please, visit their webiste and their Facebook page so you can really appreciate what they do.

I just love the softness of the colors and the appreciations of every small detail. It’s a very intimate kind of photography.

I could really spend hours going through their gallery. This kind of photography relaxes me and makes me smile. Makes me even more conviced (if possible) that this is want I wan to do. Here is a little of what Victor, from Fotvik says about being a photographer:

“I know that when I shoot my camera, I can save a bunch of memories of people lives, and that makes me excited, is pure feeling (…) To express with words what I feel about photography is hard, maybe my photos will speak much better”

And you know, before I dind’t even think about it, but since I follow their work I’ve been eager to photograph my first bride!


Colors, colors, so many colors. When I started with photography I only did black and white photos. It was a rule from the place I was studiying: all of our pictures, no matter what they were about, had to be in B&W. To my detriment it made me scared of color photography. I was missing out on so much.


I took this picture a few months ago. It’s a lamp brought directly from Turkey. I was hypnotized by it and the way the forms and colors reflect on the wall, not many lamps do that.

I enjoy color photography now, it’s a new world :).