These Rainy Days

These days have been grey. It’s been raining for son long. Clouds are thick and sunlight seems to be tired of fighting its way through. All you can hear is the silent sound of drops falling over flooded roofs and empty streets.

Rainy Days in Barcelona

It’s been raining for so long that birds don’t fly and blankets are no longer a comfort from the greyness of the days. Clothes hang from balconies for longer than they should and wind makes them dance, up and down, left and right…up and down, left and right.

Windows are closed, lights are on. Slippers and pj’s are all to stay inside, and I keep looking for ways to enjoy these rainy days.



Colors, colors, so many colors. When I started with photography I only did black and white photos. It was a rule from the place I was studiying: all of our pictures, no matter what they were about, had to be in B&W. To my detriment it made me scared of color photography. I was missing out on so much.


I took this picture a few months ago. It’s a lamp brought directly from Turkey. I was hypnotized by it and the way the forms and colors reflect on the wall, not many lamps do that.

I enjoy color photography now, it’s a new world :).