Vero Spring Awakening Mafe Roig Photo

I’ve been waiting for spring like never before this year. This winter has been the coldest and longest one since we moved to Barcelona (it even snowed!!!) And spring seems to still be reluctant to make its big entrance.

However, trees and flowers are starting to bloom and a few weeks ago I met with a friend and we visited a couple of parks. We found the MOST beautiful pink trees we’eve ever seen and we just had to take some photos with them. This was the first shot we got.

It’s my first spring photo of the year and I’m already planing a few photo shoots to make the most of this beautiful season, its colors and happy energy.

Coincidentally this photo and the beginning of spring matched big changes in my life. I’m just coming to realize that right now while writing this…. hmmmm….You could say this is my take on this Weekly Photo Challenge, Awakening.

One Year Ago

One year ago there where nerves, stomachs filled with butterflies, excitement and expectation. One year ago there where tears, shortness of breath, shaking bodies and thoughts where a knot. One year ago there where bags, half empty closets, goodbyes and airports.

Hubby and I moved to live together to Barcelona one year ago. April 05, 2013  will forever be incrusted in our memories as the day feelings where a mess, new things begun and other ended.

7,492 kilometers away, 365 days later here we are. It’s very difficult for me to resume all that has happened is this time, so I’m just going to let my favourite photos of this year speak for me… Hope you enjoy them.

It was the most nerve-racking thing I’ve decided to do so far. The good thing is that I dind’t have to do it alone. And now hubby and I can remember that the first night we spend living together was on an airplane watching movies, listening to music and sharing the uncertainty of what the next day will bring us.

Today we have a celebration! Venezuelan food, new friends and family are coming over to share with us this special day! So I have to go now, there is some cooking to do 🙂