Stop And Smell the Roses

mafe roig photography

Why is everyone tired or busy all the time? I don’t get how most people don’t even have time to answer a message. Not even an e-mail, in which, of course you have to sit, open up your incoming folder, open a new mail, read it, click the reply button and write an answer.

So much work… I’m exhausted by just typing that…

I believe that nowadays, stating how busy you are has become another word for “success”. Sometimes,  it even seems that people exaggerates their “I’m super busy status” in order to appear more important.

Busy equals success? How?

Well, it seems to me that if you don’t have the time to enjoy things you like (like playing videogames, reading a book) or even answering a simple message, you are obviously doing something wrong. It’s not possible that a person doesn’t have time to say “hello” to another. It’s just not possible.

Not having time has become desirable. Being busy and tired is fashionable. It has been for a while, I believe. We should start leaving behind the stupid idea that being busy is something good and that it will make us seem successful. I think success should be measured in happiness levels…Not on how tired you are at the end of the day.

So now, when someone asks you “how you are doing”, answer the question. Don’t throw and automatic “I’m super busy” response. 

Take your time and enjoy the things you do. Take some time a look up. Look around. Take some time and take that photo you’ve been meaning to take. Read that article. Drink your coffee and enjoy the taste.

I didn’t stop to smell the roses today. But I did took this nice photo of a typical autumn leaf. I stoped in the middle of the day and did something I like.

What did you do today besides “being busy”?