The photos are right there!

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A glass of sangria. Soft afternoon sunlight. A fresh breeze and a moment of peace.

My parents came to Barcelona for a surprise visit again! It’s the second time they do it and we still didn’t have a clue they were coming. They stayed for a little over a week.

We had a little picnic at the beach and then we walked back home and stop to eat something on the way. I took this photo while having lunch.

It was one of those moments when the scene builds itself in a perfect way. The color of the sangria, the orange and the light coming through the ice cubes. Sometimes the photos are RIGHT THERE. We just need to keep our eyes curious and awake so we don’t miss those moments. This light lasted for about 5 minutes (less than te sangria).

Of course I had to yell my parents to STOP and don’t drink it until I had my photo (sorry!).

(not sorry…)

I love it! And it’s a beautiful reminder of that moment and that day.