Spring Everywhere!

I recently got the chance to work with a group of amazing, beautiful and very talented women: a jewelry maker, a pressional makeup artist and stylist and two amazing models. We did and incredibly beautiful photo shoot using srpingy-Barcelona as location and it coulnd’t have turned out more beautifully.

Mafe Roig Photography


We went to a really nice park in the high part of the city and it was just the perfect set. There were trees and flowers everywhere! We did photos on different parts of the park to try and take it all in.

My purpose was to match the makeup of the models with the flowers in the park, to create contrasts and use that beautil spring, golden hour light. I did so many photos and was SO happy with most of them I ended up with more that 200 final images.

Hope you get spring vibes from this photos! And if you want to see a behind the scenes of it, you can check it out on this video I published on my Youtube Channel!

Sweet Friday


mafe roig photo blog churros

I don’t know what happens when temperatures drop, but all I want to do is eat sweets! I had a craving for churros for about a week now, and today I went and got some!

Happily (I think…) I work really close to Carrer de Pertritxol. A lovely little street filled with beautiful stores, most of them specialised in pastries, cakes and all sorts of delightful sweets!

These churros and chocolates are from a place called Xocoa. You can check out their Instagram account for an overdose of sugar with photos of handmade chocolates, cookies, cakes, creamy cups of coffee and churros!

Hope you have a very, very sweet Friday 🙂

Three years of blogging and then…!

WordPress has happily reminded me that today, three years ago I registered and started my blogging adventure.


As soon as I realised that, I knew it was blogging time! But what should I talk about on my WordPress blogger anniversary?

About the past? About the three years I’ve been blogging? Mmm… could be.

Then I thought that, even though the past is extremely important to shape who we are going to be in the future, I decided I wanted to celebrate the present.

And then…

….I blanked. I stopped and found myself looking at the nothingness and my mind entered in a very complicated vortex of life questions. What am I celebrating? I’m doing right now what makes me happy? Why am I sitting here right now? What do I really want to be doing? What have I donde these past three years?


I really don’t know! So, for now all I’m going to do is share a few compilation of photos I’ve taken during this three years and leave the important life questions for another time.

All of these images represent and remind me of a specific time of my life. They all have a story  behind them and blogging has helped me keep those memories in full color for all this time.

Happy blogging, everyone!


“Funny” things I’ve been told as a photographer

mafe roig photo blog

  • That’s a GREAT photo! Your camera takes amazing pictures. Or any of the following variations:
    • With that camera anyone can take good photos
    • That camera makes everything look good
  • Could you send me the photos you didn’t edit? / I want more volume of photos. Don’t show me just your selection, I want to see all the photos you took. This is a very common one and I know some photographers don’t mind sending unedited material. But I believe doing so is to deliver an unfinished material. Besides, let’s face it, we all have a bad photo in every shooting. Sending RAW, unprocessed photos is damaging of one’s reputation. What happens if the client shows one of THOSE photos? Who is going to look bad? And those are just a few of the reasons I don’t send unprocessed photos.
  • Don’t take too long editing. Just put a filter and be done with it. WHAT? No…no…no. No Developing photos is a very meticulous process. There is no such thing as putting a brightness, color, or anti-wriggles filter when developing photos. And, even if they are from a same photo shoot, each capture is different and needs its own processing.
  • You are going to photoshop me, right? I don’t know. This one is very common too. It’s really impressive to see how people see themselves and usually feel they need to be “photoshopped”to look good.
  • If I had the time, I would take the photos myself. Yes. You could take the photos yourself, but probably they are not going to be good.
  • Look how good is the photo I took with my phone! You should try to take the same one! I just… I don’t even…

I know this happens with many professions, not just to photographers. What is the “funniest” comment you’ve received from someone regarding what you do?