A Face in The Crowd

Worpdress Weekly Photo Challenge - A Face in The Crowd

I love doing portraits. Straight on face portraits.

But it took me a while to get there. It’s not easy for any of the parts involved in a potrait to be completly comfortable with what’s going on. So at first, when I started photography you could see that. My subjects felt far aways, the framing was all over the place…It was messy.

In time that started to fade away and I begun to really love potrait photography.

However, there’s something really interesting on shooting people from a far, even from their backs. It gives a photo this misterious quality about the person.

What are they doing? Thinking? Are they happy? Sad? Nostalgic?

This is my contribution for this Weekly Photo Challenge.


Mafe Roig Photo Blog

Sometimes emotions are so strong that we Detonate. Reality becomes blurry and all boundaries and limits of logic and reason disappear. Fear and shame disappear leaving the path open to the most primitive an real feelings to manifest in all their glory.

We often hear people telling us not to make rash decisions when anger burns us, and not to make promises when we are drunk on happiness. That’s just because such strong feelings, cut loose our most inner selfs and open the door to roads that we wouldn’t have the courage to take under any other circumstance.

But, why is that a bad thing?

If intense emotions, whether is anger or happiness, give us the determination we need to make decisions that lead us closer to where we want to be in our lives, what is wrong with seizing those moments and be brave even if only for a few minutes?

I think sometimes we NEED to Detonate to let go of fear that holds us back in our comfort zones. Feeling intensely is just what we might need to start living the lives we want.

Rediscovering love for black and white photography

I’ve mentioned before how I only did black and white when I started with photography. Besides making me a little bit afraid of color photography, It also made me resent black and white. It’s like when your mom forces you to eat something, then you don’t want to eat it ever again. You know?

Well, that happened to me. However, little by little I’ve started to find love for B&W photography again and I wanted to share this image with you.

black and white photography mafe roig blog

Even when I took it I imagined it in black and white. I also did a color version, but I love in in monochrome. I feel it really enhances her features and her beautiful freckles.

Some photos just work in color and some just work in black and white. I plan to write a little about this in the future, but I’m waiting until I have enough examples to explain myself.

How do you feel about color VS. black and white photography? Let me know, I’ll be happy to hear what you think!


mafe roig photography blog

Just as any other kind of human expression, dancing is art. It’s a way to express ourselves, who we are, what we are feeling. It can make us feel confident, happy, sexy.

I love to dance. It doesn’t mean I’m good at it, but I love it. I dance while I’m cleanin which might be kind of a clichè, but it’s the only way it’s fun! I think when we dance we feel free! Specially if we let go and don’t care about making a fool of ourselves.

I was really excited when I read about this Weekly Photo Challenge theme. I just did a photo shoot of a pole dancer girl. This one is a sneak peek, but I’ll be sharing more photos of this shoot because I really like how they turned out!

Hope you like it 🙂

Special Bonus

When I begun with photography I never thought it would be such a rewarding experience. What do you feel when you photograph someone?

mafe roig photography

I think is a very personal, intimate moment. Either is just the subject and myself, or if there are other people around. The moment I stand with my camera and I see the other person through my lens, and viceversa, a connection is made. There must be trust and realiance on each other. As photographer I’m asking someone to show themselves to me  as openly as they can in that brief moment.

That is very special.

For me, I’m trying to do my best to gain the full trust of the other person, to be professional and make them feel comfortable. For them, is a very vulnurable situation. They are on the spot. They become very aware of themsleves, their flaws, the “good side” the “bad side”, the hair; everything!

I really appreciate people opening up to me for a photo shoot. That is why the exchange of energies is so  incredible. It’s like a dance!

And one of the best moments is when the person finally gets to see the photos for the first time. Seeing that smile on their faces and getting that “thank you so much!” hug, is so special to me. I’ve always loved photography. But recieving that appreciation and the reward feeling is a bonus I never saw coming.

Do you feel the same way? Do you think is different when it becomes about other types of photography? Like fashion, for instance…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Worpress Weekly Photo Challenge Simmetry

I almost never take symmetric photos. My compositions always tend to go to the sides. However, certain scenarios, like the one in the photo above, call for a centric focus point and yell symmetry. And it works.

I took this photo at a train station in Barcelona. It was impossible to miss this symmetric shot.

This is my contribution for this Weekly Photo Challenge.

Drifting Words



It was her favourite book in the entire world. Reading it became a routine so natural it was like breathing…

She knew every word, every comma, every dot. The book was so worn that the pages were soft and fragile like the petals of a rose.

And even so the pages still had that particular and special smell that new books have.

But now this perfect story reminded her too much of that time… too well, too clear, too painful.

The book had to go, just had to. And with one tear, of it went. Right there in the place where it all began.