A Face in The Crowd

Worpdress Weekly Photo Challenge - A Face in The Crowd

I love doing portraits. Straight on face portraits.

But it took me a while to get there. It’s not easy for any of the parts involved in a potrait to be completly comfortable with what’s going on. So at first, when I started photography you could see that. My subjects felt far aways, the framing was all over the place…It was messy.

In time that started to fade away and I begun to really love potrait photography.

However, there’s something really interesting on shooting people from a far, even from their backs. It gives a photo this misterious quality about the person.

What are they doing? Thinking? Are they happy? Sad? Nostalgic?

This is my contribution for this Weekly Photo Challenge.

Drifting Words



It was her favourite book in the entire world. Reading it became a routine so natural it was like breathing…

She knew every word, every comma, every dot. The book was so worn that the pages were soft and fragile like the petals of a rose.

And even so the pages still had that particular and special smell that new books have.

But now this perfect story reminded her too much of that time… too well, too clear, too painful.

The book had to go, just had to. And with one tear, of it went. Right there in the place where it all began.

Black and White Feelings

I was just going through my photo archives and found this photo.

black and white cat

Even is a little bit old (last year) I love it and wanted to share it with you.

For some past experiences I have mixed feelings about white and black photography, either I think it’s great and works for the shot, adding something to it; or I think it’s forced and just takes away something from the photo.

But in this case I just love the hardness of the tones and how the black and white of the cat mixes with the door and the wall. And I think it makes the cats eyes look kind of evil, wich I like for some reason.

Hope you like too it and have a very happy saturday!