Becoming stronger?

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How is it that things take so long to get good and turn bad so fast? I guess that emotional wounds are the same as physical ones. In one minute you are fine and in the next you fall, you cut yourself and there’s blood everywhere.

Is it a fragility thing? Or maybe that is the way we become stronger. Or maybe is just about poetic beauty and wounds are the seed from which the most beautiful art forms are born. Maybe without wounds and sadness there wouldn’t be happiness, love or art.

Is it a black and white thing? Something like “we can’t appreciate good without bad”.

Or are wounds a way to intensively experience life? The way a song makes us laugh or cry. The way a smell takes us to the past. Do wounds make stars shine brighter and make a sunset turn into a work of art?
Is it true that there’s no beauty without sadness?

I’m afraid

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We are used to hearing that sadness and melancholy are the best muses. That an artist best work comes to life from corners in his mind and deep feelings of heartbreak and nostalgia.

I recently read an article in which the author advised readers to take anxiety, sadness, depression and transform them into something, into art. To express those emotions and share them with the rest of the world, rather than holding onto them and locking them inside.

There is something I know about myself. Whenever I’m going through a bad moment in my life, or when I’m feeling sad about something I shut down and stay away from photography. I’ve never taken photos when I’m in a negativa emotional state.


It’s because it scares me. I feel, somehow, I’ve put up a wall and haven’t allowed myself to knock it down and explore that side of my photography. I’m afraid of the outcome.

What would I see through my lens if I grab my camera when I’m feeling anxious?

How would I feel when I see the result?

I’m afraid that if I take this step, knock the wall down and go there I wont be able to come back.

But I also think I might discover beautiful things. That maybe I could overcome difficult times through my photography. That maybe someone out there could relate to it. That maybe I could accomplish much more as a photographer by opening the door to a part of my creativity I’ve been holding down.

Just like the most beautiful songs. The most vibrant pieces of art. The most beautiful stories. The ones that inspire, the ones that make you feel. The real ones.

Do you think this is a process every artist should go through?

Have you felt something like this?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art


Back in highschool (a while ago, now) I had a professor that told us that art wasn’t something “pretty” o “beautifull” to watch. He said art is anything, anywhere that makes you feel something, either good or bad, when you contemplate it.

I agree. And this time It just might be a broken glass filled with soap. Here is my contribution for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art.




Three months, 500 pictures, a thousand experiences

Playing Bubbles

7,492 kilometers. Yes, that’s the exact distance I traveled before changing my life completely. Seven thousand four hundred and ninety two kilometers. That is the distance from Caracas, Venezuela to Barcelona, Spain. This, strictly, in geographical terms, of course.

With a suitcase in each arm, a bag over my shoulder and my other half next to me, I arrived to Barcelona April 6, 2013. Since that paradoxical day, neither my SD memory or mi own, are enoguh to document everything I’ve experienced.

And, since I’ve been here, the word “routine” word has no meaning for me. Each day followed to April 6 is completely new and different. This, as far as photography is concerned, it is like a dream come true.

My camera never had the opportunity to see so many things. In these ninety days she has been freed from the four walls between which, monotonously, she lived bounded from the world, for reasons beyond her will. Now she is experiencing, next to me, a world of new images.

Here in the old continent, my camera and I are inseparable. We go everywhere together. And that is as it should be for any photography lover. Thus, it is the only way not to lose unique moments andd experiences.

With this new found freedom for both of us, I had the opportunity to capture stunning images. This new life has opened my eyes and my camera lens, teaching me that, to take good photographs, practice and ingenuity, are a must.

As they say, practice makes perfect. But we must never, ever dismiss the purity that a spirit moved by novelty can do for us.