No light, no photos

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It’s been too long since I took my camera out of its bag. I haven’t taken photos is such a long time I’m in physical pain.

Right now it’s getting dark really early and I’m at work during daylight time so when I get home is already too dark for photos. And if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for natural light. So my camera has been sleeping in its bag for a while.

I was so desperate that yesterday I grabbed my camera out as soon as I got home and took, literally, three photos of Mango and a couple more of a plant before it was too dark.

It’s something at least! I’m planning some photoshoots for the upcoming weekends but the weather forecast is not good. It’s been raining a LOT in Barcelona lately so that makes the whole situation more complicated.

So I thought I could at least share an old photo and my frustration with you until I can go out with my camera again.

6 thoughts on “No light, no photos

  1. Gorgeous this photo and I can relate to your frustration very well… but cheer up, the days are getting longer already, we’re moving in the right direction 🙂
    And make the rainy weekend to a project (camera in plastic bag) and shoot rainy pictures. Each disadvantage can be a challenge…

  2. Oh I like you love natural light. It is extremely rare I would use a flash. I’d bump up my ISO before that(I secretly love grain.) Your photo is beautiful!

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