Holiday times

The Holidays are officially over and I decided to go through my camera roll today and work a bit on my Christmas photos.

mafe roig photo blog

My parents came to visit, as they do every year since I live in Barcelona. Since they already know the city very well, we thought we should do something different and went on a little trip to a country house outside of Barcelona in Girona called Ogassa. It was amazing, A few days of complete disconnection: barbecues, marshmellows in the fireplace, good food and peaceful naps.

The only tragic part of this trip was that I forgot my camera. I feel embarassed just typing that. The thing was that I had a lot going on with the bags, Mango, everything and I left it in the closet… I still don’t quite understand how that happened. I took all of these photos with my dad’s phone a Samsung S6 Edge and then worked a bit on them in Lightroom.

mafe roig photo blog

I was so sad and everything was so beautiful and just can’t stop thinking how many photos I could have taken. But I’m still happy with these ones!


And they are a beautiful reminder of these amazing days. I wish you a beautiful 2017 🙂

8 thoughts on “Holiday times

  1. Oh how I know that feeling of forgetting your camera… but you still have a nice collection of photo’s to help you remember these wonderful holiday times! It looks so gorgeous there and I love the dog! Happy new Year!

  2. Oh, I would never forget my camera….(don’t believe me).

    This happens from time to time. Like you, I never feel as though the phone gives me the same opportunities or results. Still, you did a great job.

    • Yes, it is very difficult to feel we get the same results, but It’s a challenge and helps us practice even harder, I think! I’m happy that you liked the photos 🙂

  3. Oh yes, many times I have forgotten my camera! Even worse I have taken my camera only to find the battery is left at home in the charger.

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