“Funny” things I’ve been told as a photographer

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  • That’s a GREAT photo! Your camera takes amazing pictures. Or any of the following variations:
    • With that camera anyone can take good photos
    • That camera makes everything look good
  • Could you send me the photos you didn’t edit? / I want more volume of photos. Don’t show me just your selection, I want to see all the photos you took. This is a very common one and I know some photographers don’t mind sending unedited material. But I believe doing so is to deliver an unfinished material. Besides, let’s face it, we all have a bad photo in every shooting. Sending RAW, unprocessed photos is damaging of one’s reputation. What happens if the client shows one of THOSE photos? Who is going to look bad? And those are just a few of the reasons I don’t send unprocessed photos.
  • Don’t take too long editing. Just put a filter and be done with it. WHAT? No…no…no. No Developing photos is a very meticulous process. There is no such thing as putting a brightness, color, or anti-wriggles filter when developing photos. And, even if they are from a same photo shoot, each capture is different and needs its own processing.
  • You are going to photoshop me, right? I don’t know. This one is very common too. It’s really impressive to see how people see themselves and usually feel they need to be “photoshopped”to look good.
  • If I had the time, I would take the photos myself. Yes. You could take the photos yourself, but probably they are not going to be good.
  • Look how good is the photo I took with my phone! You should try to take the same one! I just… I don’t even…

I know this happens with many professions, not just to photographers. What is the “funniest” comment you’ve received from someone regarding what you do?

2 thoughts on ““Funny” things I’ve been told as a photographer

  1. Yes, those are pretty standard comments/reactions that photographer gets all over the world (it seems). A guy I know wrote on my Facebook profile: “Great pictures! Where can I buy that camera?”. 😀
    It’s like going to a chef saying: “Tasty food! Where can I buy those utensils & pots?”

    Sometimes you can batch process photos, but I agree that “even if they are from a same photo shoot, each capture is different and needs its own processing”. You can roughly batch process, but they still need their individual tweaks and settings.

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