Becoming stronger?

mafe roig photo blog

How is it that things take so long to get good and turn bad so fast? I guess that emotional wounds are the same as physical ones. In one minute you are fine and in the next you fall, you cut yourself and there’s blood everywhere.

Is it a fragility thing? Or maybe that is the way we become stronger. Or maybe is just about poetic beauty and wounds are the seed from which the most beautiful art forms are born. Maybe without wounds and sadness there wouldn’t be happiness, love or art.

Is it a black and white thing? Something like “we can’t appreciate good without bad”.

Or are wounds a way to intensively experience life? The way a song makes us laugh or cry. The way a smell takes us to the past. Do wounds make stars shine brighter and make a sunset turn into a work of art?
Is it true that there’s no beauty without sadness?

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